Monday, December 9, 2013

Vietnamese Ladies

This was the week of Vietnamse ladies who are married to Korean men. I met 2 of them!
The first one spoke Korean. But with a super thick Vietnamese accent. I about died when she talked to me in Korean. DIED!!!! It was so cute. Hahahah. If I could replicate it in an email, you know I would! It was the best! BEST! 최고야!! Anyways. Yeah. Her husband used to meet with missionaries, so he invited us over. Apparently he just hung out with missionaries. So yeah. We'll see what happens with him.
The second Vietnamese lady. I played at a wedding. I played piano at a wedding as a missionary. Did I tell you about this already? What the heck. The bride was Vietnamese. It was the biggest waste of time. It was all the way in a city called Taebaek. I have told you a little about it already. It is the smallest little city in our mission nestled in the mountains of Korea. This wedding was crazy. No dress rehearsal. I had three songs to play. The Wedding March, the Bridal Chorus, and one other just little pretty piece - Bach Prelude in C. Anyways. We just came to the conclusion that they would cue me when to play. 3 songs. 3 cues. Sounds simple.
BUT THEY CUED ME FOUR TIMES! What was I supposed to do but just play?? I don't know. I may have started playing the wedding march in the middle of the ceremony. But it was their fault! Haha. But it doesn't matter. Apparently they actually got married in Vietnam a year ago and this was just a Korean service. And she is pregnant already. Yay! Haha. I thought I ruined it. But it's their fault!
Anyways. I am over it.
I went to a terrible public bathhouse. Have I told you about these yet? Korean culture. I have been a couple of times. Basically you just get naked and shower and stuff with a bunch of Korean dudes who stare at you. And you sit in pools of varying temperatures. And Koreans literally care 0% about being naked. Literally. But I went to one in the little town of Taebaek. It was scary. Hahaha. But I have moved on to bigger and better things.
Things are going well. We have 2 investigators that will probably be baptized, but they are moving back to Seoul in a few weeks. So, it won't be us that do it. But that is fine. Haha. They are college students. I'll let you know if they get baptized, of course! Haha.
The Atonement is real. It really can change us. It just takes some time sometimes. As we rely on Him, we can become better. Through pain, and sorrow, and whatever else. It is slow mostly. But it comes. The help comes. 
This spiritual message is short. But I know it is true. 
I love you all!
Pray for me. I pray for you in korean! Haha.
렌프로 장로


This week was really interesting. Happy Thanksgiving!  추수 감사절 축하해요!
I spent mine at a meat buffet. And then for dinner 2 of our investigators took us to another meat buffet. Yes. I ate at 2 meat buffets in one day. Don't worry. I am still alive. I exercised quite well after, too. Ha.
And those investigators came to church! Haha. We had 2 investigators to church and the sisters had one. It was a great week for that. They actually randomly texted us for the church address and said they were going to come.
I learned about some Canadian bloggers who say funny things about Koreans from a Kenyan man I met. You guys should go look him up. I can't believe I said you guys... Ya'll should look 'em up. Tell me if they be funny. Simon and Martina. It was really hard to understand the name Martina through a Kenyan accent. So. I hope that is right. Haha. The Kenyan is a potential investigator. We may meet this week.
It snowed a tiny bit! On Wednesday. It was still fun, though. Apparently it will snow lots in January.
A recently reactivated member bore his testimony yesterday at church. It was very cute how worried he was beforehand. Haha. But he did well. He sure knows the Book of Mormon is true!
This same man fed us this week. It was not very good and very fishy. But whatever. It is Korea! Haha.
I have been thinking about the willingness of the Savior a lot this week. Willing to forgive and willing to do. And even willing to enable us and strengthen us. He isn't just willing either. He wants to. It is His desire. He wishes to heal us and help us and push us along the path to become more like Him.
I think that the more we realize this, the greater our desire will be to rely on Him. And there really is nothing better than that. It is the purpose of being here. All of our trials and weaknesses are to push us to Him.
I downloaded every conference talk on adversity for the last 3 years. Get ready for some strengthened faith! Haha.
I love you all! Keep me in your prayers.
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week of Wind

Hello, World!
Well. This week was cold and windy. This morning was super windy. I felt like my contacts were going to fall out. But thankfully, they did not. I wish I had squinty Korean eyes, they would protect me from the wind. But alas, I do not. But seriously! This morning was crazy! I thought the trees outside would fall over.
Anyways. Crazy lady came back to English class. And drew me a map to her house. And asked why I haven't answered her calls. Because you have called me 50 times and you are crazy! That's why. The Korean sister said this to me in her broken English - "She is a sexual person." Yay! We have a prostitute attending our English class! I don't know. But she's a weirdo. She wouldn't leave the building. So we had to all pretend like we were leaving and locking the building. We had a lesson there at the church as this was happening, so our investigators just hid in the church and we made a lap around the block to successfully swoop around the crazy lady. The mission was accomplished. Don't worry. I'll let you know how next week goes. Oh, by the way, we call her Africa because she wears weird shawls. Anyways. 아무튼
Things are going well. I met a Korean who spoke English with a Russian accent. It was quite odd. And then some crazy Russian lady interrupted my conversation to ask where a restaurant was. Since I am white, I guess. Then the man just walked away because of her scary Russian-English? Lots of Russians come to Donghae because of the port.
Did I ever tell you that Koreans carry their babies on their backs in a sort of a sling thing? I was reminded because I saw a commercial for a kid version for the baby dolls. It was great!
I got all of the packages from you family people. Haha. Thank you! My companion and I are in the process of building a balloon statue from the bubble crap stuff. Too much fun is had sometimes.
Also, my companion got a giant thing of Jelly Belly jelly beans. I have nearly memorized all of the flavors by sight. I will acquire many skills on the mission.
This week I have been thinking a lot about acceptance. Just sort of giving up and trusting the Lord. Just realizing that He knows better. That there really is no other better way. Our desires don't really matter.
I feel insufficient a lot. But as I rely on Him, I don't.
Pray for me! I love you!
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It is cold!

Well. Winter has come. It is blowing some crazy wind out here on the Coast. My ears may fall off. But I bought a winter coat, don't worry. This will be the coldest winter of my life! I am slightly scared.
The leaves have turned colors. They done. Now they are on the ground. Lots and lots of gingko leaves.
Anyways. I went to Seoul this last week for a combined Mission conference with the South Mission. It was great. I got to see some of my friends from the MTC. I miss them! But it was nice. Elder Evans of the 70 was there. He spoke to us. It was great. Nothing too extraordinarily special. He told us to not tell you a lot of the stuff he said. Like details about what could be happening with missionary work in the near future. None of it is really set in stone yet anyways.
I saw a guy run into a door. Face first. Poor guy. It was glass. He thought it was open.
I think one of our investigators is a pathological liar. He likes to talk about his girlfriend from Puerto Rico. And he had one from England the other month, even though he has been dating the Puerto Rican for 5 years? Ha. We'll see. Let's cover the commandments.
I have been thinking a lot about Faith lately. And one of my favorite quotes is from Joseph Smith about faith. He says that we have to have 3 things to have faith. I won't say all of them, but I will say my favorite one. He says that in order for us to have faith, we have to know that our course of life is in line with what the Lord desires of us. It is very interesting to me. But it rings so true. As we choose to disobey and to not live in alignment with God's commandments, it is in those moments that we can't have faith. We can not trust the promises of the Lord when we choose to not live in a way that He may bless us.
I don't want to talk about not having faith. What I am talking about is the blessing of faith. This principle teaches me some great truths of the nature of faith. Living the life the Lord wishes brings blessings on so many levels. We may have confidence in our decisions. It brings a hope that can't be found anywhere else. So when we choose to not obey, or to just not do those things He would have us do, we forfeit those blessings, that hope, that confidence. This isn't just about actions and consequences and reputation. It is so much more.
I love you all! Keep in touch! Write me letters! <33333
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Monday, November 11, 2013

22 in America, Still 23 in Korea

Hello world. I'm in Korea and 1 year older. I celebrated with pork spine soup and kimchi, of course. And some members got me a cheesecake. And then I proselyted. Ha. Just a normal day in the mission.
So I have started getting a new compliment from Koreans about my Korean. You ready? Haha. They say, you are like a Korean! But they are obviously being really generous. Because I still am nothing like a Korean. Haha. But maybe in a few months it will actually come true. I am pretty good now. As proof, I have a story.
We were knocking some doors. We really don't knock very many doors. Only sometimes. But this man came out and told us that we sound because it was so late at night and everyone hates it because it is so late and blahblahblah. But basically I don't have to take people's crap anymore. Ha. I'm not rude. But I can speak my mind. Haha.
It is getting cold here. Real cold. Ha. I need to buy a scarf and gloves. Don't worry. I will right after emailing.
What else happened this week? A grandma tried to get me to take a shot because it was my birthday. I mean alcohol for any innocent minds out there. Haha.
I forgot my planner again, so I don't remember what things I meant specifically to write you. Haha. So, maybe next week will be better. Sorry.
Oh I remember. Dreams. The sisters in my area keep having dreams about me. Haha. They are really funny. Ha. Maybe I'll tell you later.
But yeah. We got 4 new investigators this week. That is pretty sick, just so you know. Haha. It is going well. We taught a lesson just about everyday! It is great to finally see some growth from finding activities.

What have I been learning about this week?
Hard times. Even though this week was really great and had lots of miracles. Sometimes even if you aren't walking in hard paths, it still is hard to digest it in your mind, to live with it afterwards, to come to terms with it. To have a correct veiw of why things happen. Why does adversity have to exist? What was the purpose, and do I still trust my Heavenly Father?
What I have consistently learned through my life is this. Not only is the initial natural thought of man wrong, but it is completely opposite to the truth. Satan completely opposes that which is true. To every extent. He wants us to get as far away from the truth as possible. And sometimes he does that by making truths murky, but he really just wants us as far away from light and goodness as possible.
Those hard and dark times. They seem so hard. Too hard. Not worth it. Like those are the bad times of life. But that isn't true. When we walk a path of difficulty and trial, it is in those times that we are given the divine privilege to walk the life the Savior did. To learn first-hand from His example. It is the very plan of salvation in action. Lightened by the ever-present assistance of our Savior. Yes, it is hard. It never is easy. But it is why we came here. And He never leaves us. The path of difficulty and trial in which we may stand side to side with the only perfect life that has ever lived.
I don't have much time! But I love you! I think of you always.
Oh, and the inactive, that we reactivated. His wife is the Sister's investigator now. And his son is 8 in American age. Let's baptize! Haha.
Bye bye! 빠이!
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Sunday, November 3, 2013



I haven't said the word Hello all week! Just kidding. I say it all the time. All the time. Koreans Love it.

Guess who has a baptismal date? This guy! Haha. He still has a long way to go. He has a job that makes him work all the time and can't really come to church yet, so we have to work around that. But he will get baptized sometime. At some point. Hopefully while I am here! His current date is November 30, but we may have to change that. 

This week we threw a Halloween party. Because we are cool. It was quite a hit, we had a lot of less-actives come and even some nonmembers. A lot of them, actually. They loved all of our games. 

We went to Seoul this week. So that ate 2 days of the week. But yeah. It was fun. And I ate Taco Soup. Look. I eat everything now. I'm not a picky eater. Haha. There may be some faint remnants of the disease, but I think it is gone. 

Oh. I have been called fat like 8 times. I don't understand. I haven't gained any weight. Koreans just literally think everyone is fat I guess. Haha. Anyways... It is pretty sad. If you ask Koreans what they think the weirdest thing is, if they have gone to America, they always say Big people.... 

This week, I went on exchanges with one of our zone leaders. It was really good and I really was thinking about somethings...
The Lord wants all of us. ALL! Every single ounce. Every desire and thought and characteristic and action. He even wants the righteous desires we have. It is not good enough to do things for ourselves. Really for any reason besides the will of the Lord. That is the type of person he is trying to help us become. One who relies on Him and does as He would do. It really is our only hope. 

I guess what I am saying is that sometimes, we may have the same desires as the Lord, but it still isn't acceptable because the Lord wants us to do it for purer motives. He wants us all! 

There is a talk about having the faith to not be healed. And I really like it. Do we have faith to not see results. That is so much harder than having faith to see them. It really is an interesting concept! Think about it and apply it. Also. The power that comes from weakness. That is a good study topic too.

I love all of you. And this email isn't very exciting. I'll try better next week! Haha. I'm really hungry, so I need to eat a bibimbap. Haha. My birthday is this Sunday. Treat yo' self, right?

That may be an omen for the bank account, momma. :)


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Elder Renfroe

Monday, October 28, 2013

하나님 아버

Hello Everyone!

How's life? Mine is good. 

Well, this week I saw/heard the cutest thing in the world. Have you ever heard a 5 year old Korean girl pray? I almost died from the cuteness. Especially because her prayer went like this...

Heavenly Father
Please bless the Elders 
Baby jibberish
In the name ummmm Jesus Christ Amen.

The Cutest thing in the world!!!!!

But on a completely different note. Me and my companion may have accidentally walked down an alley of prostitutes. We thought it was part of the market! But anyways. We made it out fine. Don't worry. 

This last week, we went to one of the prettiest places in Korea! It is a little valley thing with a waterfall. I took pictures. I'll probably have to send them later. But it is fall in Korea and the leaves are absolutely beautiful! Reds and yellows and even maroons! This country is so beautiful!

Guess what! I found a less-active on the street that hasn't been to church in like 20 years. And he has started coming back now. He was baptized in another city, so no one knows him, but now he is coming back! His wife is Japanese and doesn't speak much Korean, but we will see what we can do... haha. She is very sweet and very Japanese. So, we at least have one more member of our little branch here in 동해 Donghae.

We are meeting a lot of people that want to meet! I don't know how we will fit it all. But it is a good problem to have. Haha. They just can't resist my perfectly shaped eyebrows. Haha. 

We go into Seoul this week and stuff. And it is midterms, so a lot of the students don't want to meet right now. But next week, hopefully we will have a lot going on! 

I think I might be lactose intolerant. I don't know! Maybe the lack of milk here has caused it. President told me to keep a meal diary. Haha. And see how I feel each day. Then try to connect them. 

So this week. I was reading in Mosiah. Abinadi. He has a line that I think is so striking. "Have you applied your hearts to understanding?" It pierces me when I read it. Have I? Is my heart soft enough for the Truths I know to freely flow into it? Understanding is great, but the larger beast is application. Sometimes it feels so easy to know, but applying is such a different task. Do I live? Do I feel? That is the task. It is the true test of our faith. It isn't about how much we know, but it is about how much we become. It is about how much of our understanding has become a part of our hearts. 

I love you all! Send me your Prayers! 

Week of Missing White People


This week was pretty good. Expect I had a few days where I just really missed America. Korea is so different! There are a lot of foreign English teachers here and I don't know how they do it. I guess they can Skype and stuff. And they can't even speak Korean. At least I can speak Korean now somewhat. Haha. 

Anyways. I had KFC again this week. So that helped with the nostalgia some. Haha. 

I will have you know that I made some extremely delicious fried rice this week. Are you ready for me to make it when I get back? Haha. I am learning the ways of Korea. And I barbecued some Korean meats the other day. I am a pro. 

I have funny stories this week. Mainly because I have a new missionary. Haha. Ready?? 

Number One.... We were knocking doors and I made my companion do it all. Haha. Not really, but I made him do everything that he can do. So, basically when we knock doors, people say, "No, Sorry!" Or something like that. But usually we keep talking. Haha. And so when no one responds back, we say. "Anyone there?" And they don't respond. Haha. But my companion got "Anyone there?" and "Who is it?" Mixed up. Because that is what the Koreans say to us. Anyway. He stood outside of someone's door and said, "Who's there?" as if they were knocking on his door. Haha. I don't know if the humor translates. But I liked it. 

This next one is sure to be funny. 

So, the other day, my companion was reading the evacuation plan that the mission has. All missions have one. And he got all freaked out about it. Then a few days later, we heard a bunch of weird noises and weren't sure what was happening. Jokingly, I said, "I think we are being bombed."
The next thing I know, my companion is out of his pajamas and into black clothes, ready to evacuate. Hahaha. But it wasn't a bomb. It was fireworks right next to our apartment. Haha. It was great. 

Also, I got closed in a bus door. That was uncomfortable. Haha. It is funny now because if I get angry, I really could tell these people a piece of my mind now. I couldn't do that before. Haha. But I don't. Because I am nice. 

I am a little more sassy when I talk to people now though. Haha. Because I can be? Haha. But in a good way. Sorta like, why you ignoring me/ closing your door? Do you even know who I am? Haha. It works sometimes. Why you like that? 

Also, I miss black people. I believe I said this in one of my previous emails. But I need to say it again. We watched a really old church film and it had a really sassy black lady in it. Haha. Nostalgia happened. Haha. Sorry. 

I want all of you to be grateful for a blessing this week. That blessing is... being able to understand everything that is going on around you. Understanding every word. Haha. It is a blessing! 

I feel like I tell you all the same spiritual thoughts every week. But I will keep trying. Haha. 

I really like the idea of remembering. Of feeling. How do we stop forgetting? How can we just always know? How does the Lord truly feel about each of us? And how do we make those feelings and those thoughts our thoughts and feelings? One of the keys is the spirit. We are to rely on His spirit. We become what we are meant to become through His spirit and enabling power. That is the only way we can have His thoughts and be who He wants us to be. It is as simple as that, I think. We simply have to live in such a way as to have our own true personal relationship with Heavenly Father. We just have to feel it ourselves. This is why anything we do that prevents us from feeling the spirit is so serious. By choosing to not feel the spirit, we are choosing to step anyway from him. To become less Christ-like.  That is why we have to obey! 

Anyways! I love you all! Keep the love coming. 
Have a great week!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

13 October 2013


How is life? Life is good here. The weather is great. And suit season has started. Sorry if I spend all of your money, Mom. Haha.

I don't know what to write. Haha. Hi!!!!!! 

This week was good. Did any weird Korean stuff happen? I don't know. Maybe. But I think I am just used to it by now. But it is funny to watch my new companion think stuff is weird because he just got here. I think it is safe to say that I am no longer a picky eater. Aren't you glad I got over that? Haha. 

This week we got to teach an old man a few lessons. But he talked to his preacher in between our lessons and is convinced the Book of Mormon is the Apocrypha and so he doesn't need it. Yes, I now know the word for Apocrypha in Korean. I am gonna know some weird stuff. It is actually pretty simple if you break it down into its Chinese characters. Anyways. Yeah. But is was nice to teach him I guess? We were able to bear a lot of powerful testimony and stuff. And we may go visit him again. 

We also have been meeting a lot of college students. It is nice because they will listen to us and a lot of them meet again. So, Hooray! Haha. 

Conference! I got to watch it this week! It was great! I learned a lot. A lot about missionary work and other things. I really enjoyed these talks specifically: Jefferey R. Holland, Richard G Scott, David R. McConkie, Timothy J. Dyches, and of course Gifford Neilsen, and M. Russel Ballard. 

Go read them and tell me how you like them! I'll tell you why I liked them next week! Haha. Expect maybe I will say a little now. 

M favorite idea from conference: Christ helps the Impenitent. Those that are helpless. Sometimes it is easy to feel beyond the help of our Savior, but that feeling means we are exactly the person Christ wishes to help. Satan would have us feel that somehow we are beyond the Savior's help, or that we are broken. But this is contrary to how Christ works. He works with broken things. We are in His hands. He fixes that which needs fixing. And has the training to fix even the most broken. The skills. In those potter's hands, He turns our dust into art. Into His glory. 

Anyways. I have to go! I love you all! Keep praying for me! I am praying for you!

Love, Elder Renfroe
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

6 October 2013



So I just started training and I got my new missionary. It is the best! Haha. He is great and wants to work. So that is really all I can ask for. We are going to get some work done out here. And we already have been. His name is Elder McFarland from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He is 19 and fresh out of High School. He speaks Sign Language, so maybe I will learn some. Who knows!?

We also got 2 sister missionaries out here. One is American and has been in Korea one transfer longer than me (6 weeks) and the other is Korean! It is great to have Koreans around. Your Korean always gets better. Haha. 

I feel really happy now as a missionary. I feel like the work can really happen now. Or that I can really give all of myself. Really because I have to do most of everything. Haha. Anyways. I would say that my Korean is pretty good now. I can function in this society pretty well now. And I can have real conversations with people. It is great!

We actually have a few lessons set up for this next week and a few more that could be set up. That may not sound like a big deal to some people. But it is pretty big deal for out here in Korea. Woo! 

Anyways. I like missionary work now. Haha. I love it actually! This next week will be my first full week with the new missionary and I am excited to see how it goes. 

I just have been thinking a lot about the beauty of the Gospel. Of truth lately. Specifically of who we are. It is such a wonderful thing. If we understand who we are it will change us through and through. And as we remember it. It really isn't about knowing it all the time, but actively knowing it, or remembering it. Anyways. We are children of our Heavenly Father. We literally are little kids. Infants. Nothing more than a toddler, if even that, when compared to who He is. One of the missionaries said some really nice words here. I don't really remember if I told all of you already. But. When we look at other people, it seems impossible to be like them. When we compare ourselves to other men. But when we compare ourselves to Jesus Christ, the path is made, the invitation is open. When we compare ourselves to Him, there is hope. There is power. We may stumble and we may fall. Just as a toddler. But he doesn't scorn. He only wishes for us to continue. He loves every step we take in His direction. It is wonderful. It is beautiful. It is hard to explain. But it is true. 

I don't have lots of time! I have to write my mission president now! I love you all! Thank you for the prayers and packages and love. 

Elder Renfroe
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

30 September 2013

So we had transfer calls. I am going to Bulgaria. And I will learn Finnish.
Ha. Just kidding. I am so funny. Don't you miss me and my clever wit? I know you do. Anyways. I am staying right where I am. My companion is leaving. And I will be training a new missionary and District leading 10 missionaries out here on the coast of eastern Korea. Yay! Haha. It will be funny. I am going to be a daddy. In missionary terms. That means I am currently pregnant. And it is going to be a boy.
Anyways. This week. Was kind of lame. We have to move again for the last an final time. So the beginning of this next week will be boring as well. But then I get a new missionary and get to start a new transfer with a nice clean slate. It will be really good for this area. I think so. We are also getting sisters in my area. And one of them will be a greenie as well. So in my district, there are 10 missionaries and half of them will be greenies. Everyone is either training or being trained. That is how many new missionaries we have now! It is crazy. This is the last big group of them now, though. Because summer is over and stuff. Right now, we are a super young mission, but in a year, we will have so many experienced missionaries. It will really change how things are going here in Korea. I can't wait. I am really glad to be a part of this giant wave of missionary work all over the world.
Anyways. I like clean slates. I like that we get them. Ha. Today I am going to a meat buffet. And I will eat everything. It is the best in the whole world. The best thing ever. I love it so much. We need them in America. I'll start one. I feel like I could just type about it for a long time. But I will spare you that.
So, you want to know what my favorite k-pop song is, do you? Well If you must ask, I guess I will tell you. It is called u&i. The singer is Aellie... I don't know how to spell it. In English or Korean for that matter. But go listen to it. Just type in u & i k pop in google. It should come up. And a lot of it is in English. Haha. Also, If someone wants to find the lyrics of the top k-pop song in Korea and print them out and send them to me. (in Korean) then... I would be grateful? Haha. I hear it all the time, And I might as well learn what they are saying all the time. I get some of it but yeah. Anyways.
I got hugged in a very uncomfortable way by a very drunk man. I never want to be hugged like that again.
The US Navy was here in my town. Haha. There were foreigners everywhere! It made me miss America a little bit. It also made me miss black people. Hahaha. They are great! I love how they speak! Ha. The whole word needs people like African Americans. Haha. I miss their sasssssss.
Anyways. I gotta go......
I love you all !!!!!!
Elder Renfroe
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Week... I forgot!

I don't know what week it is and I feel too lazy to go look. Hahaha. Today is Monday, but we don't have a P-day today because we had it on Saturday. This last week was a big multi-week holiday in Korea. Anyways. that is when I hiked that big mountain and saw all of those Buddhas. If you don't know what I am talking about, add my Momma on Facebook and look at her pictures. Haha.

Anyways! This week was wonderful! So good. I think the best I have had so far. And I hope they get even better! Why was it so good? Well... I went on exchanges with one of my Zone leaders in the area. I stayed in my area and worked with him. I think I saw for they first time how to do this work right. In Korean. And how to talk to everyone. And I realized I can do it! I felt a lot of joy that night. It is just fun to talk to people. I used to just be scared and feel awkward. But now I don't. Who cares! Just talk to people. Haha. It was great. 

Also, this last week, we had a big conference as part of the holiday here in Korea. So, what happens for this holiday.... Everyone goes home to their hometown and just sorta hangs out with their family for a few days. So missionary work is a little hard. So, we had a conference and moved our p-day and had a big cleaning day to make up the difference. But for the conference, we all fasted as a mission. And it was really great. The point of the fast was to rededicate ourselves to the work and to break any bands that may be limiting us. I definitely feel like the Lord has helped me to do that and shown me the way through the fast and also through the exchange I had. 

This Saturday is transfer calls! Ahhhh! So we will see what will happen. I could be training, I could be not, I could get a new companion, I could not. I don't know! Ha. Maybe I'll get a Korean? That would be awesome. There aren't a lot of Korean elders in this mission because most missionaries that come from Korean come from the Seoul area. So, they can't go to their home area. Anywho... That makes it harder to learn the language. But I am coming along pretty good. Haha. I just try to talk to Koreans all the time! 

The Lord answers prayers. But He doesn't make it easy. He lets us learn the lessons we can. He pushes us as far as we can go, and then He makes up the difference. This week I feel like I was armed with more "know-how" of how to do this work. Now I just have to apply it and make it a reality. Pray that I can! 

Anyways! Pray for me! I need it. I have felt the strength of your prayers. I don't have a lot of time today because I had to download some new Korean learning materials! 

But I love you all very much. And family, I am getting a package together for all of you!

Elder Renfroe
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Week 18!

Hellllo, World!

So, this last week was the church's birthday in the town I am serving in. It is 29 years old. Haha. So, lots of people came, including my mission president and his wife, and spoke and we all ate a really huge delicious meal together. 

But it looks like we are moving again. AGAIN! Why???? I hate moving! Anyways. It will be fine, I guess. But, our mission president went and looked at the house that is supposed to be for the sister missionaries coming to this area. And he decided it isn't safe for sisters because it is on the first floor and stuff. So, the sisters get our beautiful and large apartment and we get the poo poo one. Ok... It isn't poo poo, but it definitely isn't as good. 

I think I have some stories from this week. let me think...

I ate fish intestines. They look like little brains. They actually have a pretty good taste. Ha. I'd eat them again.  It is called Hwaemuljjim. The dish, that is. It is basically bean sprouts. Lots of bean sprouts and weird seafood all in a spicy sauce. Lots of weird seafood. I ate some pretty big octopus tentacles in it. I don't think twice about octopus anymore. It is everywhere! Haha.

Then, I went to a meat buffet with a Korean man. It was the best thing ever. Have I told you about the meat buffets in Korea? Basically. It is all you can eat raw meat and you cook it yourself at your table. It is so good! So good! I go in a coma after it. Anywho. The guy put out some interesting things for us to eat. Little mini octopus. Pig skin. My companion ate the pig skin and said it tasted like a pig farm. So I didn't eat it. But best! I ate something that literally translates in English to... Chicken Poop House. I guess it is a gizzard or something. I don't know. But I was forced to eat it. It wasn't that bad. But I don't want another one.

Did I tell you about the dried squid jerky I ate? People don't eat beefy jerky here. They eat squid jerky! It is the fishiest thing in the world. But they love it. I don't...

Anyways. Sorry about the graphic details.

This week I read a wonderful conference talk. It is from the last conference and is called "Beautiful Mornings." What I like the most about it and something that I realized is... So much of how we feel and how we look at our days and life is simply a choice whether or not to have faith. If we choose to have faith, everyday is a beautiful day. Faith is the sunrise. 

So, this last Saturday... Remember Paul, the Pakistani man I taught in my last area? He got baptized! And he wants to convert Pakistan now. Hahaha. He is great! He speaks Korean, so I think he should do pretty well in the ward. I didn't get to go to the baptism because is it 6 hours away, but it is still fun to have been part of the process. Now I just got to get some Koreans! Haha.

But I love you all! Keep me in your prayers. I have 2 weeks left of this transfer. And I am ready for some new faces, if you know what I mean. Haha. 

Talk to you next week! <33333
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Weeeeeeeeeek 17?

Is this Week 17? I don't know anymore. They all blend together! Haha. 

But! Hello, everyone!

This week was really boring. Even more boring than last week. We literally moved the entire time... 

I went to the beach! And it was beautiful! SO gorgeous! The water is super blue. But there weren't any crabs or creatures to play with! I was a little disappointed. But I also may have seen a man die. I am not sure. There was a rescue boat and a man floating out in sea. I can't know for sure... But yeah...

The new apartment is beautiful. And huge. The mission is anticipating on having 4 elders out here and 2 sisters. So the elder's apartment is really big. I am not sure when they will come. 

Also. The weather is a lot better. It suddenly stopped being hot. I am really grateful for that. Haha. I don't feel like dying everyday because of the heat and humidity. 

I saw a kid in an I Heart NY t-shirt. Except the heart was upside down and it said Nevada York instead of New York. You can get away with anything in English here!

I made friends with a toothless grandma. By made friends I mean... She mutters toothless Korean at me every time I see her and I smile back. She's crusty and smells funny. Haha.

One of the Elders' houses in our zone was broken into. By a grandma! Yay! I am telling you that the grandmas of Korea are unparalleled. They came home and she was just sitting on their floor. So they said, "Grandma, you can't be here!" But she came back later and tried to come back in. She has dementia or something. The police came and stuff. So, next time you come home, beware of Korean Grandmas. They will be lurking. 

I love the spirit. I love having a relationship with Heavenly Father. Mostly I just love the principle of revelation. It is our gift to have. As we keep His commandments, we qualify for His voice in our lives. It is the best gift. It beats all confusion and teaches us all things. There is no better message than that! 

But, I'll keep you tuned in next week. I am sure it will be more exciting! And I can't wait to get some work done! (As in not moving).

I love you all! Keep praying for me! I NEED them! 

Elder Renfroe
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 16!

Four Months in Korea. And I still am terrible at Korean! Haha. Not really, but it is really easy to feel that way. 

Today for P-day, we are going to the beach. So, I'll probably get some better pictures on the beach. It is a really clear day today. 

Anyways. This week was pretty lame, so I sent pictures to make up for it. We are moving this next week, so we mostly packed and stuff. Our house is really old... So it takes awhile and there is a lot of stuff to throw away. 

The crazy lady came to English class. I don't know what to do with her. She grabbed my hand this time.... Then she came before church because the doors were open... She has no interest. She keeps telling me she is Buddhist. She gives me the creeps! I don't know what to do with her! And she is still as marroooooon as ever. Darn A&M! She gets really close to me when she talks. She wrote down a paper of questions and it is complete nonsense. "Who's blood flooding => Saying younger's crying." I don't know what that is supposed to mean. Anyway. We've got to figure something out quick. 

So the lady I met at the bus stop. We were able to have a really good conversation the other day about prayer and the BoM. Hopefully we can meet regularly and not in a bus station. Haha. But she really likes me and has a lot of interest.

What else happened this week? I cleaned the sickest, nastiest bathroom in the world. Haha. But it is clean now. Don't worry. There were gloves and lots of bleach involved. 

Sorry this week was boring. I'll try to be less boring this next week. But we are still moving... So. We'll see! Haha.

But the thing I have been learning this week. Every day is a new day. We always get to try again. I have been trying to incorporate repentance into each of my prayers. We should constantly be changing. That is what the gospel is about. No matter what age. No matter what circumstance. Change is repentance. And it happens through faith in Jesus Christ. Everyday when I get on me knees, I can't start over. I can recommit. Through the help that my Heavenly Father will give to me if I but ask. Who we are today doesn't need to be determined by who we were yesterday.

I've got to go write a letter to the Pres now. But I love you all dearly! Keep praying for me! 
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