Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Herro. (15 February 2015)

Herro. I am in kolea stirr. Don't wolly. I rove you arr. 

I have gained at least 10 pounds on my mission. Maybe even as much as 15. I am not quite sure. But I have! Chubs. 

We had a baptism this last week! Yay! I don't even feel like I did anything, though. He was so prepared. Ha. We had 4 investigators at church, too. 

We took our guy that got baptized to a member's house for dinner the other night, and while we were sharing the spiritual message, one of their little boys let out a fart that was about 10 seconds long. We laughed for a really long time. Ha. 

Also, I had a really small but special service that I was able to render. It really touched me. There were these two Chinese girls who were carrying lots of stuff. A lot. They ended up moving to a new house, but it was a lot of stuff. And the girl whose stuff it was had some sort of physical disability. She walked funny and therefore had to walk slower. And also had some other deformity on her face. Not anything huge, but just affecting her physical appearance and condition. There was just something about being able to help them that really humbled me. There was something about her and her condition and her humble spirit that really touched me. It made me want to always help. To always serve those people who need it. It was such a great feeling. Those five minutes changed me for the better. Especially, sometimes we think that we can't help others because we need help ourselves. That day, I wasn't having a very good day. One of our investigators was ignoring us, our phone wasn't working, other stuff. But that simple interaction changed me. 

Anyways. I love you all! Have good weeks! 

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