Monday, December 9, 2013


This week was really interesting. Happy Thanksgiving!  추수 감사절 축하해요!
I spent mine at a meat buffet. And then for dinner 2 of our investigators took us to another meat buffet. Yes. I ate at 2 meat buffets in one day. Don't worry. I am still alive. I exercised quite well after, too. Ha.
And those investigators came to church! Haha. We had 2 investigators to church and the sisters had one. It was a great week for that. They actually randomly texted us for the church address and said they were going to come.
I learned about some Canadian bloggers who say funny things about Koreans from a Kenyan man I met. You guys should go look him up. I can't believe I said you guys... Ya'll should look 'em up. Tell me if they be funny. Simon and Martina. It was really hard to understand the name Martina through a Kenyan accent. So. I hope that is right. Haha. The Kenyan is a potential investigator. We may meet this week.
It snowed a tiny bit! On Wednesday. It was still fun, though. Apparently it will snow lots in January.
A recently reactivated member bore his testimony yesterday at church. It was very cute how worried he was beforehand. Haha. But he did well. He sure knows the Book of Mormon is true!
This same man fed us this week. It was not very good and very fishy. But whatever. It is Korea! Haha.
I have been thinking about the willingness of the Savior a lot this week. Willing to forgive and willing to do. And even willing to enable us and strengthen us. He isn't just willing either. He wants to. It is His desire. He wishes to heal us and help us and push us along the path to become more like Him.
I think that the more we realize this, the greater our desire will be to rely on Him. And there really is nothing better than that. It is the purpose of being here. All of our trials and weaknesses are to push us to Him.
I downloaded every conference talk on adversity for the last 3 years. Get ready for some strengthened faith! Haha.
I love you all! Keep me in your prayers.
렌프로 장로

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