Monday, September 23, 2013

Week... I forgot!

I don't know what week it is and I feel too lazy to go look. Hahaha. Today is Monday, but we don't have a P-day today because we had it on Saturday. This last week was a big multi-week holiday in Korea. Anyways. that is when I hiked that big mountain and saw all of those Buddhas. If you don't know what I am talking about, add my Momma on Facebook and look at her pictures. Haha.

Anyways! This week was wonderful! So good. I think the best I have had so far. And I hope they get even better! Why was it so good? Well... I went on exchanges with one of my Zone leaders in the area. I stayed in my area and worked with him. I think I saw for they first time how to do this work right. In Korean. And how to talk to everyone. And I realized I can do it! I felt a lot of joy that night. It is just fun to talk to people. I used to just be scared and feel awkward. But now I don't. Who cares! Just talk to people. Haha. It was great. 

Also, this last week, we had a big conference as part of the holiday here in Korea. So, what happens for this holiday.... Everyone goes home to their hometown and just sorta hangs out with their family for a few days. So missionary work is a little hard. So, we had a conference and moved our p-day and had a big cleaning day to make up the difference. But for the conference, we all fasted as a mission. And it was really great. The point of the fast was to rededicate ourselves to the work and to break any bands that may be limiting us. I definitely feel like the Lord has helped me to do that and shown me the way through the fast and also through the exchange I had. 

This Saturday is transfer calls! Ahhhh! So we will see what will happen. I could be training, I could be not, I could get a new companion, I could not. I don't know! Ha. Maybe I'll get a Korean? That would be awesome. There aren't a lot of Korean elders in this mission because most missionaries that come from Korean come from the Seoul area. So, they can't go to their home area. Anywho... That makes it harder to learn the language. But I am coming along pretty good. Haha. I just try to talk to Koreans all the time! 

The Lord answers prayers. But He doesn't make it easy. He lets us learn the lessons we can. He pushes us as far as we can go, and then He makes up the difference. This week I feel like I was armed with more "know-how" of how to do this work. Now I just have to apply it and make it a reality. Pray that I can! 

Anyways! Pray for me! I need it. I have felt the strength of your prayers. I don't have a lot of time today because I had to download some new Korean learning materials! 

But I love you all very much. And family, I am getting a package together for all of you!

Elder Renfroe
렌프로 장로

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