Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello! (17 August 2014)

I am sending this email really late... You should all be sleeping, unless one of you has decided to move to the Far East or another part of the world. 

Right now as I type, everything is being replayed in my mind in a British accent. We just got done meeting with our English friend. Haha. Our ward mission leader taught us a very interesting term to call someone who is Korean, but grew up in another country, so isn't really Korean. Banana. Hahaha. White on the inside, but yellow on the outside. I can say this because I am simply repeating what he said verbatim. Not my words, but the words of a Korean. Haha.

Anyways. This week. We taught lots of lessons. Lots of them. And we didn't have a whole lot of time to proselyte because of it, but we still managed to meet new people. It is going really well, honestly. 

One of the people we are meeting with might get baptized this week. At least he told a member that he was going to get baptized this week. So that is a really good sign. He really loves the church and everything we have taught him. He definitely feels as though there is nothing wrong with it, but he has been lacking that sort of sureness that it is really God's restored church. So, we have been working with him on that, helping him to feel the spirit more. He is quite spiritually mature and understands things really well. He seemed to have a really good time at church on Sunday, and told me that he really felt something in one of the talks. So, I think he is beginning to gain his own testimony. I am actually glad that he has been careful with the decision and that he continues to be. It shows that he understands its gravity and meaning. That it isn't something that anyone should do just because, but he should be sure. Anyways. He is a really good guy. 

I met someone from Austin in Korea! Haha. He got married to a Korean and now lives in Korea. His name is Noah Pierce. We had lots of delicious food together and it was really fun. His wife is Korean, obviously. And it is funny to see Koreans that speak English like Americans. Haha. It is pretty weird. I just am not used to it. Haha. But it was great, and I was reminded of how the gospel can really solve a lot of normal, everyday, and common problems that go on in people's lives. Just things they need, or want, and really desire in really deep parts of their hearts. That God is willing to grant those things to us and has made them clear to us through the restoration of His gospel and Church. 

The British accent has disappeared. Sometimes a Texan accent comes out. 

Anyways. I love you all. Tomorrow, we are going to the Temple. That is why I am writing so late. Today was not P-day! Ha.

Keep me in your prayers.

Elder Renfroe

Helllo! (10 August 2014)

It rained a lot yesterday. Drenchedness abounded. Hahaha. The other Elders in my house got the umbrella completely destroyed in the wind. It was great!
The weather should be good in a month... But until then... Hahahaha.
I make delicious Korean food. Hahaha. I can still brag about that.
One of our investigators is English. But he is Korean. But he is also English. He is really cool. Basically he has lived in Korea for a collective 5 years of his life and lived in England for 20. So yeah. He is an Englishman with an accent and all but looks like a Korean. Apparently he can't handle spicy things either. I am more Korean than him. But he is great.
I don't have a whole lot of time today! But I love you all. All of you. Hahahaha.
I like studying about fear lately. It is the opposite of faith. So if we have faith, we shouldn't have any fear, right? So if we love Him and trust Him, the fear goes away, right? Haha. I get to practice it all day. Some people are scary. Especially foreigners! I am so bold to Koreans. But I get scared out of my mind talking to foreigners. They are mean here! Hahaha. There are foreigners all over the place here. All over! So I have to talk to them now. I am relearning English because of it. Ha.
I have no time!!!!!!!
Ok bye!!
 Love you all
렌프로 장로

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hello! (3 August 2014)

Hi peeps.
Korea is rainy and hot. Death. One day it literally rained while the sun was out. Just bright hot and water pouring all over us. It was great.... Hahaha. Just kidding. I have been drinking so much water lately. So much!!!!!!
We found lots of new people this week. And have been teaching a lot, really. It is great. One new investigator has had a really hard life and lost his faith in God because of it. But he seems really good and has a lot of potential.
We have two Chinese investigators. Chinese people love the Plan of Salvation. Haha. And we have a Sister serving here from Taiwan, so we can teach together. The Gospel is a lot more powerful when taught in your native tongue.
I thought a lot about fruits this week. Ha. Specifically the fruit in the first couple chapters of the Book of  Mormon. The fruit of the Tree of  Life. Most desirable above all other fruits. That made me think. There is a fruit, a fruit of the Gospel, a fruit of the truths of this Gospel that guides our actions and leads to happiness. But there are other fruits. If there weren't any other fruits or options, it couldn't have been described as the most desirable, right? The fruit we choose to eat are the decisions we choose to make. There is the fruit of dabbling in immorality, for breaking really any sort of commandment. They can be poisonous or damaging to our soul. But our choices become part of us. They nurture us, they hydrate us, or they effect us in negative ways.
I don't have a lot of time! I have to goooooooo!!!!! I love you all!
렌프로 장로