Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week of Wind

Hello, World!
Well. This week was cold and windy. This morning was super windy. I felt like my contacts were going to fall out. But thankfully, they did not. I wish I had squinty Korean eyes, they would protect me from the wind. But alas, I do not. But seriously! This morning was crazy! I thought the trees outside would fall over.
Anyways. Crazy lady came back to English class. And drew me a map to her house. And asked why I haven't answered her calls. Because you have called me 50 times and you are crazy! That's why. The Korean sister said this to me in her broken English - "She is a sexual person." Yay! We have a prostitute attending our English class! I don't know. But she's a weirdo. She wouldn't leave the building. So we had to all pretend like we were leaving and locking the building. We had a lesson there at the church as this was happening, so our investigators just hid in the church and we made a lap around the block to successfully swoop around the crazy lady. The mission was accomplished. Don't worry. I'll let you know how next week goes. Oh, by the way, we call her Africa because she wears weird shawls. Anyways. 아무튼
Things are going well. I met a Korean who spoke English with a Russian accent. It was quite odd. And then some crazy Russian lady interrupted my conversation to ask where a restaurant was. Since I am white, I guess. Then the man just walked away because of her scary Russian-English? Lots of Russians come to Donghae because of the port.
Did I ever tell you that Koreans carry their babies on their backs in a sort of a sling thing? I was reminded because I saw a commercial for a kid version for the baby dolls. It was great!
I got all of the packages from you family people. Haha. Thank you! My companion and I are in the process of building a balloon statue from the bubble crap stuff. Too much fun is had sometimes.
Also, my companion got a giant thing of Jelly Belly jelly beans. I have nearly memorized all of the flavors by sight. I will acquire many skills on the mission.
This week I have been thinking a lot about acceptance. Just sort of giving up and trusting the Lord. Just realizing that He knows better. That there really is no other better way. Our desires don't really matter.
I feel insufficient a lot. But as I rely on Him, I don't.
Pray for me! I love you!
렌프로 장로

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