Monday, September 9, 2013

Weeeeeeeeeek 17?

Is this Week 17? I don't know anymore. They all blend together! Haha. 

But! Hello, everyone!

This week was really boring. Even more boring than last week. We literally moved the entire time... 

I went to the beach! And it was beautiful! SO gorgeous! The water is super blue. But there weren't any crabs or creatures to play with! I was a little disappointed. But I also may have seen a man die. I am not sure. There was a rescue boat and a man floating out in sea. I can't know for sure... But yeah...

The new apartment is beautiful. And huge. The mission is anticipating on having 4 elders out here and 2 sisters. So the elder's apartment is really big. I am not sure when they will come. 

Also. The weather is a lot better. It suddenly stopped being hot. I am really grateful for that. Haha. I don't feel like dying everyday because of the heat and humidity. 

I saw a kid in an I Heart NY t-shirt. Except the heart was upside down and it said Nevada York instead of New York. You can get away with anything in English here!

I made friends with a toothless grandma. By made friends I mean... She mutters toothless Korean at me every time I see her and I smile back. She's crusty and smells funny. Haha.

One of the Elders' houses in our zone was broken into. By a grandma! Yay! I am telling you that the grandmas of Korea are unparalleled. They came home and she was just sitting on their floor. So they said, "Grandma, you can't be here!" But she came back later and tried to come back in. She has dementia or something. The police came and stuff. So, next time you come home, beware of Korean Grandmas. They will be lurking. 

I love the spirit. I love having a relationship with Heavenly Father. Mostly I just love the principle of revelation. It is our gift to have. As we keep His commandments, we qualify for His voice in our lives. It is the best gift. It beats all confusion and teaches us all things. There is no better message than that! 

But, I'll keep you tuned in next week. I am sure it will be more exciting! And I can't wait to get some work done! (As in not moving).

I love you all! Keep praying for me! I NEED them! 

Elder Renfroe
렌프로 장로

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