Monday, November 11, 2013

22 in America, Still 23 in Korea

Hello world. I'm in Korea and 1 year older. I celebrated with pork spine soup and kimchi, of course. And some members got me a cheesecake. And then I proselyted. Ha. Just a normal day in the mission.
So I have started getting a new compliment from Koreans about my Korean. You ready? Haha. They say, you are like a Korean! But they are obviously being really generous. Because I still am nothing like a Korean. Haha. But maybe in a few months it will actually come true. I am pretty good now. As proof, I have a story.
We were knocking some doors. We really don't knock very many doors. Only sometimes. But this man came out and told us that we sound because it was so late at night and everyone hates it because it is so late and blahblahblah. But basically I don't have to take people's crap anymore. Ha. I'm not rude. But I can speak my mind. Haha.
It is getting cold here. Real cold. Ha. I need to buy a scarf and gloves. Don't worry. I will right after emailing.
What else happened this week? A grandma tried to get me to take a shot because it was my birthday. I mean alcohol for any innocent minds out there. Haha.
I forgot my planner again, so I don't remember what things I meant specifically to write you. Haha. So, maybe next week will be better. Sorry.
Oh I remember. Dreams. The sisters in my area keep having dreams about me. Haha. They are really funny. Ha. Maybe I'll tell you later.
But yeah. We got 4 new investigators this week. That is pretty sick, just so you know. Haha. It is going well. We taught a lesson just about everyday! It is great to finally see some growth from finding activities.

What have I been learning about this week?
Hard times. Even though this week was really great and had lots of miracles. Sometimes even if you aren't walking in hard paths, it still is hard to digest it in your mind, to live with it afterwards, to come to terms with it. To have a correct veiw of why things happen. Why does adversity have to exist? What was the purpose, and do I still trust my Heavenly Father?
What I have consistently learned through my life is this. Not only is the initial natural thought of man wrong, but it is completely opposite to the truth. Satan completely opposes that which is true. To every extent. He wants us to get as far away from the truth as possible. And sometimes he does that by making truths murky, but he really just wants us as far away from light and goodness as possible.
Those hard and dark times. They seem so hard. Too hard. Not worth it. Like those are the bad times of life. But that isn't true. When we walk a path of difficulty and trial, it is in those times that we are given the divine privilege to walk the life the Savior did. To learn first-hand from His example. It is the very plan of salvation in action. Lightened by the ever-present assistance of our Savior. Yes, it is hard. It never is easy. But it is why we came here. And He never leaves us. The path of difficulty and trial in which we may stand side to side with the only perfect life that has ever lived.
I don't have much time! But I love you! I think of you always.
Oh, and the inactive, that we reactivated. His wife is the Sister's investigator now. And his son is 8 in American age. Let's baptize! Haha.
Bye bye! 빠이!
렌프로 장로

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