Monday, October 28, 2013

Week of Missing White People


This week was pretty good. Expect I had a few days where I just really missed America. Korea is so different! There are a lot of foreign English teachers here and I don't know how they do it. I guess they can Skype and stuff. And they can't even speak Korean. At least I can speak Korean now somewhat. Haha. 

Anyways. I had KFC again this week. So that helped with the nostalgia some. Haha. 

I will have you know that I made some extremely delicious fried rice this week. Are you ready for me to make it when I get back? Haha. I am learning the ways of Korea. And I barbecued some Korean meats the other day. I am a pro. 

I have funny stories this week. Mainly because I have a new missionary. Haha. Ready?? 

Number One.... We were knocking doors and I made my companion do it all. Haha. Not really, but I made him do everything that he can do. So, basically when we knock doors, people say, "No, Sorry!" Or something like that. But usually we keep talking. Haha. And so when no one responds back, we say. "Anyone there?" And they don't respond. Haha. But my companion got "Anyone there?" and "Who is it?" Mixed up. Because that is what the Koreans say to us. Anyway. He stood outside of someone's door and said, "Who's there?" as if they were knocking on his door. Haha. I don't know if the humor translates. But I liked it. 

This next one is sure to be funny. 

So, the other day, my companion was reading the evacuation plan that the mission has. All missions have one. And he got all freaked out about it. Then a few days later, we heard a bunch of weird noises and weren't sure what was happening. Jokingly, I said, "I think we are being bombed."
The next thing I know, my companion is out of his pajamas and into black clothes, ready to evacuate. Hahaha. But it wasn't a bomb. It was fireworks right next to our apartment. Haha. It was great. 

Also, I got closed in a bus door. That was uncomfortable. Haha. It is funny now because if I get angry, I really could tell these people a piece of my mind now. I couldn't do that before. Haha. But I don't. Because I am nice. 

I am a little more sassy when I talk to people now though. Haha. Because I can be? Haha. But in a good way. Sorta like, why you ignoring me/ closing your door? Do you even know who I am? Haha. It works sometimes. Why you like that? 

Also, I miss black people. I believe I said this in one of my previous emails. But I need to say it again. We watched a really old church film and it had a really sassy black lady in it. Haha. Nostalgia happened. Haha. Sorry. 

I want all of you to be grateful for a blessing this week. That blessing is... being able to understand everything that is going on around you. Understanding every word. Haha. It is a blessing! 

I feel like I tell you all the same spiritual thoughts every week. But I will keep trying. Haha. 

I really like the idea of remembering. Of feeling. How do we stop forgetting? How can we just always know? How does the Lord truly feel about each of us? And how do we make those feelings and those thoughts our thoughts and feelings? One of the keys is the spirit. We are to rely on His spirit. We become what we are meant to become through His spirit and enabling power. That is the only way we can have His thoughts and be who He wants us to be. It is as simple as that, I think. We simply have to live in such a way as to have our own true personal relationship with Heavenly Father. We just have to feel it ourselves. This is why anything we do that prevents us from feeling the spirit is so serious. By choosing to not feel the spirit, we are choosing to step anyway from him. To become less Christ-like.  That is why we have to obey! 

Anyways! I love you all! Keep the love coming. 
Have a great week!

렌프로 장로

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