Sunday, November 24, 2013

It is cold!

Well. Winter has come. It is blowing some crazy wind out here on the Coast. My ears may fall off. But I bought a winter coat, don't worry. This will be the coldest winter of my life! I am slightly scared.
The leaves have turned colors. They done. Now they are on the ground. Lots and lots of gingko leaves.
Anyways. I went to Seoul this last week for a combined Mission conference with the South Mission. It was great. I got to see some of my friends from the MTC. I miss them! But it was nice. Elder Evans of the 70 was there. He spoke to us. It was great. Nothing too extraordinarily special. He told us to not tell you a lot of the stuff he said. Like details about what could be happening with missionary work in the near future. None of it is really set in stone yet anyways.
I saw a guy run into a door. Face first. Poor guy. It was glass. He thought it was open.
I think one of our investigators is a pathological liar. He likes to talk about his girlfriend from Puerto Rico. And he had one from England the other month, even though he has been dating the Puerto Rican for 5 years? Ha. We'll see. Let's cover the commandments.
I have been thinking a lot about Faith lately. And one of my favorite quotes is from Joseph Smith about faith. He says that we have to have 3 things to have faith. I won't say all of them, but I will say my favorite one. He says that in order for us to have faith, we have to know that our course of life is in line with what the Lord desires of us. It is very interesting to me. But it rings so true. As we choose to disobey and to not live in alignment with God's commandments, it is in those moments that we can't have faith. We can not trust the promises of the Lord when we choose to not live in a way that He may bless us.
I don't want to talk about not having faith. What I am talking about is the blessing of faith. This principle teaches me some great truths of the nature of faith. Living the life the Lord wishes brings blessings on so many levels. We may have confidence in our decisions. It brings a hope that can't be found anywhere else. So when we choose to not obey, or to just not do those things He would have us do, we forfeit those blessings, that hope, that confidence. This isn't just about actions and consequences and reputation. It is so much more.
I love you all! Keep in touch! Write me letters! <33333
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