Tuesday, October 1, 2013

30 September 2013

So we had transfer calls. I am going to Bulgaria. And I will learn Finnish.
Ha. Just kidding. I am so funny. Don't you miss me and my clever wit? I know you do. Anyways. I am staying right where I am. My companion is leaving. And I will be training a new missionary and District leading 10 missionaries out here on the coast of eastern Korea. Yay! Haha. It will be funny. I am going to be a daddy. In missionary terms. That means I am currently pregnant. And it is going to be a boy.
Anyways. This week. Was kind of lame. We have to move again for the last an final time. So the beginning of this next week will be boring as well. But then I get a new missionary and get to start a new transfer with a nice clean slate. It will be really good for this area. I think so. We are also getting sisters in my area. And one of them will be a greenie as well. So in my district, there are 10 missionaries and half of them will be greenies. Everyone is either training or being trained. That is how many new missionaries we have now! It is crazy. This is the last big group of them now, though. Because summer is over and stuff. Right now, we are a super young mission, but in a year, we will have so many experienced missionaries. It will really change how things are going here in Korea. I can't wait. I am really glad to be a part of this giant wave of missionary work all over the world.
Anyways. I like clean slates. I like that we get them. Ha. Today I am going to a meat buffet. And I will eat everything. It is the best in the whole world. The best thing ever. I love it so much. We need them in America. I'll start one. I feel like I could just type about it for a long time. But I will spare you that.
So, you want to know what my favorite k-pop song is, do you? Well If you must ask, I guess I will tell you. It is called u&i. The singer is Aellie... I don't know how to spell it. In English or Korean for that matter. But go listen to it. Just type in u & i k pop in google. It should come up. And a lot of it is in English. Haha. Also, If someone wants to find the lyrics of the top k-pop song in Korea and print them out and send them to me. (in Korean) then... I would be grateful? Haha. I hear it all the time, And I might as well learn what they are saying all the time. I get some of it but yeah. Anyways.
I got hugged in a very uncomfortable way by a very drunk man. I never want to be hugged like that again.
The US Navy was here in my town. Haha. There were foreigners everywhere! It made me miss America a little bit. It also made me miss black people. Hahaha. They are great! I love how they speak! Ha. The whole word needs people like African Americans. Haha. I miss their sasssssss.
Anyways. I gotta go......
I love you all !!!!!!
Elder Renfroe
렌프로 장로

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