Monday, October 28, 2013

하나님 아버

Hello Everyone!

How's life? Mine is good. 

Well, this week I saw/heard the cutest thing in the world. Have you ever heard a 5 year old Korean girl pray? I almost died from the cuteness. Especially because her prayer went like this...

Heavenly Father
Please bless the Elders 
Baby jibberish
In the name ummmm Jesus Christ Amen.

The Cutest thing in the world!!!!!

But on a completely different note. Me and my companion may have accidentally walked down an alley of prostitutes. We thought it was part of the market! But anyways. We made it out fine. Don't worry. 

This last week, we went to one of the prettiest places in Korea! It is a little valley thing with a waterfall. I took pictures. I'll probably have to send them later. But it is fall in Korea and the leaves are absolutely beautiful! Reds and yellows and even maroons! This country is so beautiful!

Guess what! I found a less-active on the street that hasn't been to church in like 20 years. And he has started coming back now. He was baptized in another city, so no one knows him, but now he is coming back! His wife is Japanese and doesn't speak much Korean, but we will see what we can do... haha. She is very sweet and very Japanese. So, we at least have one more member of our little branch here in 동해 Donghae.

We are meeting a lot of people that want to meet! I don't know how we will fit it all. But it is a good problem to have. Haha. They just can't resist my perfectly shaped eyebrows. Haha. 

We go into Seoul this week and stuff. And it is midterms, so a lot of the students don't want to meet right now. But next week, hopefully we will have a lot going on! 

I think I might be lactose intolerant. I don't know! Maybe the lack of milk here has caused it. President told me to keep a meal diary. Haha. And see how I feel each day. Then try to connect them. 

So this week. I was reading in Mosiah. Abinadi. He has a line that I think is so striking. "Have you applied your hearts to understanding?" It pierces me when I read it. Have I? Is my heart soft enough for the Truths I know to freely flow into it? Understanding is great, but the larger beast is application. Sometimes it feels so easy to know, but applying is such a different task. Do I live? Do I feel? That is the task. It is the true test of our faith. It isn't about how much we know, but it is about how much we become. It is about how much of our understanding has become a part of our hearts. 

I love you all! Send me your Prayers! 

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