Monday, March 31, 2014


I am still in Korea. It is pretty crazy. This week there is one event that sticks out in terms of fun. Hahaha.
So, there is a little park by one of the subway stations we spend a lot of time at. And for some reason lots of Old people gather there. I usually avoid lingering old people because they will talk to you for a really long time about nothing. AND I usually just end up thinking about the massive amounts of kimchi they have collectively eaten in their lifespan. Anyways. There was a Grandma. And she was Albino! Her skin was really light and she had blonde hair. I have only seen a few albinos here in Korea. Anyways! She started talking to me and said I was beautiful and stuff. The usual Korean grandma talk. She obviously had been sippin on some booze. They make it stronger and cheaper here in Korea. Then she grabbed me and tried to hug me. I was like no! No! Sorry can't do that. Her response was that she has been single since she was twenty and just wants a hug. So she kept trying. Basically she hugged me a few times and I didn't really hug back. And I faked receivnig a phone call to run away. Hahaha.
What else did I do this week? Walk around everywhere. I went to a Korean funeral. My feet haven't felt so sore. All we do is walk. And talk! Hahaha. My companion is Korean. He talks to people for a really long time. Haha.
What else? Next week I am going to the other mission boundaries with our ward to eat endless strawberries!!! Apparently this ward goes every year to pick strawberries! It will be lots of fun. Hahaha. I am seriously really excited to eat all of the strawberries!
I speak Korean all day. And it is great. And hard. My brain definitely hurts from speaking in a language that is backwards alllllll the time. But I am definitely learning!
Lately I have been learning about the Atonement. Specifically the Healing properties of it. I don't know what to write! There is too much! Hahaha. But I have realized more and more recently that my understanding of the atonement extends into all aspects of my life. Not just Churchy stuff. It really is what makes me complete sometimes and the lack of which makes me incomplete sometimes.
I love you all! The time flew by today without me knowing!
Gotta go soon! 
Keep up the prayers, I need them. 
사랑으로 렌프로 장로


Mi nombre 렌프로 장로.
Ich bin 선교사.
Sorry I didn't get to write last week. It was pretty busy and we didn't get to come back to email. But here I am. Don't worry.
So I will tell you about my new world!
I live in a place called Jungnang. I am training for the third time. And this time around they are Korean! It is great! Hahaha. But it really is magical. There are 6 elders and 4 sisters in this ward. We live alone in a 2 man house, which is also a great thing. Haha. The ward seems really great. This is a completely different world than where I was serving before. 3 hours of church! And loud babies. One of which literally just screams during sacrament in the hall on Sunday. I said hi to him after and he looked all cute and happy, but he punched me in the face. It didn't hurt because he was a baby. But he tried really hard! Anyways.
I wwwas sick for like a week! I think I got 2 colds at once. The cough is almost gone. So maybe I will sound like a normal human being.
It is so different serving here. In Seoul, apparently no one likes to give you their phone number. Ever! Ha. It was much easier to get phone numbers in Donghae! But we will keep trying! And serving with a Korean! So different! I just speak Korean all day. I love it!
What have a learned recently??? You might ask such a question! Haha. ㅎㅎㅎ
Well. I really have been feeling the spirit lately. And I like it. It is interesting how personal and deeply the spirit can melt part of our hearts. It can change us and give us strength. Things that seems impossible can be melted away by the spirit of the Lord. That is the way it feels to me. There is a hardness. But it can be taken away through the application of prayer and a recognition of our weaknesses.
I love you all! I gotta go to costco! Bye bye!!!
렌프로 장로

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello! Melted snow!

I think this week was actually pretty interesting! Hahaha. I took off my giant coat and watched some snow melt. But it is still pretty cold.
I talked to a man for about 7 minutes without him saying a single word for like 7 minutes. He only did hand gestures and smiled and stuff. He was doing it on purpose. Ha. I would ask him a question that required more than a yes or no answer and then he would stare at me like "You think you got me, eh," and them he would figure out some way to answer with a hand gesture. It was kind of silly and weird. And interesting. But hey. I gotta talk to everyone! He left and I gave him a card. Ha. I guess you had to be there.... Haha.
Guess what! The investigator we thought was going to leave --- He didn't! So, we are probably going to baptize him this week. Wooo! He's great! Woo! But I was a little sad that we had to give another investigator to another area because they are moving. But! The missionaries we gave him to gave us an investigator in return.
Is that how you spell investigator? It kinda looks like a detective alligator. Anyways.
So, we have these people that work in the bus stop we frequently attend. The grandma loves us! She gave us some candy the other day. Now.... This lady is very Korean. And probably grew up in the days when there was no sugar in Korea.... Who knows... The name of this candy, which she assured us was in fact candy is Doshima. It ended up being a piece of dried kelp! It was.... terrible. I didn't finish it. Hahaha. If you don't like seafood, try one of these. Ugh..
The Sisters in my area have a very special investigator. She is 22 in Korean age and just... is really special.... Haha. She talks like a doll. It is one of the weirder things I have heard in my life. I don't know how she does it! But she is in love with me. And texted me the other day. I am obviously under strict orders not to respond!!! But she asked the Sisters when I go home to know when she can marry me. Wooo!
Something I learned this week!
Hope. Trust. So hard. But so valuable. Trust has seemed really interesting to me this week. Because if we really did trust God with all of our hearts and minds... What would we do? We would have no fear. We would have plenty of hope. We would be so happy. So, I think it is something I should work on. He has all of the characteristics that enable us, as His children to trust Him without reservation, we simply have to know that, and feel it. And do some other things to get ourselves out of the way. Make ourselves not become a road block to that.
I gotta go soon! I love you all so much! Keep me in your prayers!!!
Elder Renfroe
렌프로 장로