Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Life this week was pretty good. We had interviews with our mission president and a member of the Seventy came to speak to all of the branches out where I am. He is Korean, of course. Haha. It was actually really good. I learned a lot. I think it was the most I have ever learned from the spirit in Korean. Haha.
Our investigator that was supposed to get baptized this week moved back home suddenly.... And he may not come back. I was really sad at first. But then I learned who his missionaries would be at home and all of those feelings disappeared. It is a missionary I really love and he goes home in 3 weeks. If he gets to see a baptism right before he goes home, what a tender mercy of the Lord, or how it is translated in Korean - a kind mercy of the lord. I learned some lessons on love when all this happened. I am willing to do so much more for those that I love, and even sacrifice my own blessings. How much more is the Lord willing to bless and help those whom He loves more than I have ever loved. My love is definitely puny compared to His. The investigator might come back. He might not. But I trust the Lord, and don't mind what happens either way.
I am pretty tired today. Haha... So. I probably won't write much. Not that much exciting stuff happened this week anyway. Sorry!
This week I have been thinking about a lot of things! Like always!
Gratitude. When it boils down to it, we all have enough reasons to be filled with gratitude in every waking moment, no matter the circumstance. We all have had spiritual experiences, and blessings, and struggles and trials. But despite the trials and difficulties we face in this life, the blessings are enough. With eternal perspective, we can't help but be grateful.
I love you all! Keep me in your prayers! I need them. I am about halfway through! Ahhh! I can feel the tiredness coming on. Haha
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Africa Strikes Back

This week was a good one!
First off, we had a baptism! Haha. Well it was actually sorta 2 baptisms. One of our investigators is a member's 19 year old son and he got baptized, as well as the less active who I found and reactivated... His son got baptized. He is 8 years old. So. I baptized the 8 year old. It was really good for the members. They haven't seen a baptism in a while.
Yay! And guess what happened the day of the baptism! Hahaha. Africa came back. Yes, by Africa, I mean crazy maroon English lady. This obviously proves you shouldn't go to A&M. Just saying. Haha. Except this time, she was sporting a new color of make up. She had white lips and white eye brows drawn on! She looked so creepy. Haha. But the best part. One of our members confronted her to try to figure our exactly how crazy she is and stuff. It was great. Also! Another member apparently went to school with her. SO we know a little of her back story now. She used to be really smart and a prosecutor but then went crazy and follows American missionaries around because we said we would help her get a driver's license.
But here is the best part. The member that confronted her told her to leave... Hahah. Africa. The crazy lady told her that she put the make up on for me. That is is polite. And that our member was being rude for not wearing makeup like her. Hahaha. That she doesn't understand us Elders. Yeah... Oh and that she looks ugly without the makeup. She must have planned the whole day to see us! Ha. Yay!
Other than that, this week was pretty quiet. It kept snowing! Even after the storm was supposed to end. So, yeah. Not a lot happened. But it was good. Just getting ready for the next week. Haha.
This week. I have thought about a lot. Just like always! Haha. We always have to keep going. The main problem in this life is simply finding motivation. Motivation is the root of everything. It defines us and shapes us. If we really had our eyes open to see things as they are, the darkest time and the happiest times would turn us to God in humility.
I'll do better next week! That is my motto. Where we have been plays no role in where our heart is now.
I love you all! Keep me in your prayers!
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Storm

Hello, Lovelies.
Last night I fell on my butt real hard. Real hard. I fell down stairs while shoveling some snow at a member's house. Right as we were about to leave, too! It hurt so bad! My poor booty! But I am ok now. Just don't touch my butt.
So yeah. Snow!!! So. Much. Snow. 4 Day snow storm so far. And it is supposed to continue until tomorrow. Probably like a meter of snow or so. I don't know how they measure snow! It all compacts!
This week was a good week. Despite all of the snow.... Hahaha. We have a Baptism scheduled this Sunday! Actually two. One is an investigator who is one of our member's son. We have been working with him a lot. He is a good kid. I hope it all goes through! Also, at the same service, the less-active man I found on the street and has been coming to church ever since, his son is getting baptized. He is eight years old and half-Korean/half-Japanese! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to send next week. My camera is broken, but I'll make other missionaries take some. Hahaha.
So, I realized something really clearly in the scriptures this last week. I have started reading the New Testament more. Which is great. We have really been focusing on the Book of Mormon in our mission lately, but the Bible gets me fired up too! Haha. I just mean that as I read the Bible, I am reminded so deeply of how our doctrine is not something new, but one found within the Bible. Other people may not see it because of a limited scope and a lack of illumination through the Holy Ghost.
But anyways... I was reading the Bible... So in the King James version of the Bible, there is a tricky thing about Old English that makes some of the meaning lost if you read it under the lens of modern English. I will. to will. If thou wilt. This does not mean to do in the future. It doesn't even mean to intend to do. But it means to want. I had thought about this before because the German word for to want is "willen" And I thought there might be a connection. But as I was reading in Korean, it was very clear. This is powerful because it shows the desire of the Savior as you read His words in some very special instances. I don't remember exactly where it was. Because it was in Korean. But I will paraphrase and you can probably find it easily.
But basically it is a story of someone who comes up to the Lord and says "If thou wilt, though can heal me." To which he responds with "I wilt." Now reread that with the word to want. It is a lot more powerful and a much greater testament of the Savior's love for us.
Things are going well! I love you all. Hopefully I have some good pictures to send next week!


We had transfer calls this last week. I am going to Panama City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woooooo! I'll be more fluent at Spanish in 3 months than I currently am at Korean! Hahaha
Just kidding. I am staying in Donghae once again. This will probably be my last transfer here for sure. For sure! Haha. But I think we will baptize some people this transfer!!!! Woooo. We shall see what happens. 알겠죠?
This week was a good one. We cleaned our whole apartment because it is the Lunar New Year here. Big Korean holiday! Soo, we had a P-day on it. I love cleaning. Not...
I also ate a lot of food. The members invited us over for 2 huge meals. One on Friday and one on Saturday. I nearly died from the deliciousness thereof. 2nd Renfroe 15:46
Anyways. This week I met a really adorable person. Apparently I have a really good eye for finding sensitive souls. There was a girl working at a convenient store who just seemed special, and I can't really talk to her because I am a foreign male missionary, but I told the Sisters to go talk to her. She is an investigator now! Wooo! And I met a guy on the bus who I instantly loved. He has a leg handicap. He said he could meet this week. And I called and set up the whole appointment and stuff. It's gonna happen! Haha. 
Things are going well. I am trying to speak Korean all the time. It is really hard because my companion doesn't understand anything! Wooo! But I am trying. It is better than both of us.
A few weeks ago, we had a conference and a training on the parable of the talents. I thought of something I had thought of before during the training. It talks about doubling your talents and being magnified by the Lord. But what I thought about this last time is how with all of the growth the servants experienced, the doubling of their talents was based on the principle of Trading. It got me thinking. What am I willing to trade. We were speaking in terms of Korean. Like what am I willing to trade to grow. It is usually comfort. Am I willing to trade comforts, to take risks, in order to grow. In order to become who the Lord would have me be. Do I have that sort of Faith?
Anyways! I love you all! Keep me in your prayers!
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