Thursday, January 9, 2014

The First Snow!

It snowed this week! I about peed myself. It was great. I have never seen it snow like that. I threw snowballs and stuff! It was great. Hahaha.
Oh and we got transfer calls. I am staying and training again! Haha. So I will be in Donghae awhile. Also, my current companion will be staying as well. He will open up the second group of Donghae elders. We only have 2 now, but there will be four of us all in one little house. Yay! Haha. He will be with someone who has only been in Korea for 3 months just like him. And I will be with a new whity. There are no Korean elders coming this transfer. So I will be with a whity. Haha. Whitie? I don't know how I should spell that. So, basically it will be me with a bunch of Whities that can't speak Korean! Yay!
It was really hard to talk to people because no one wants to talk while it snows. So we did some good old knocking doors. And guess what.
This lady said no at first, and then a few seconds later, came out and asked if we were Mormons. Then she invited us in. Haha. But we couldn't go in because she is just a lady alone in her house. So, I called the sisters and told them to come over. They said they were really bored because they were just making phone calls on account of the snow. They came over and we went in. She kept saying she was really bored because of the snow and just decided to let us in. She is so prepared. She studied religion in college and gradually became disillussioned from it all because she felt like everything was fake. The people were fake. They said they had faith, but they still did bad things. And continued to do bad things. Anyways. She said that anytime she makes contact with a new religion, she just says, "Ok. Let's talk about it and see what you are" and then prays to God to know if it is true. Well. She has met with the Sisters like 3 times in 4 days. And they had an amazing lesson. She said that she prayed to God and asked Him to give her peace if this was true. They were talking about trials in the lesson. She is divorced and lives alone and has a hard life. But then they started teaching about Jesus Christ and watched the Mormon message "None were with Him." She said that she has studied about Jesus Christ her whole life, but this was different. She said she felt peace about all of her problems and she has never felt that before. Although, we aren't teaching her, we found her and I get to hear all about what happens! Anyways. She still has a while to go. But it was really great to see. The Lord is working here!
So, we gave the sisters an investigator. And they gave us one. He doesn't have a religion but he feels like he needs one. We had our first lesson with him this week. We talked for like 2 hours. He has so much interest! And he is also really prepared! It is great. I love teaching people. That is why I am here.
What else happened this week? There is a Christmas tree in our chapel with lights and everything. I don't really think that is Ok? Maybe? No. And I heard a lesson about how the Christmas tree represents the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Too bad I don't know how to say that it was actually just a pagan tradition in Korean. Oh well. I have heard some pretty weird lessons up here in Korea. But the Church is true! Hahaha.
This week has been pretty good. I am honestly a little scared to train again. It is so much work! You have to do everything. Because you are basically with a little baby that can't do anything. Hahaha.
I have been studying a willing heart this week. It is a really interesting subject and I feel like I could study it for awhile. A gift given with a grudging heart is counted as evil unto Him. Moroni 7 is a really good chapter on it. Our gift matters obviously, but in the most basic sense, our desires are where it starts. Our desires are what are the most important. Get your desires right, and everything else will follow. It is the most basic test of our faith. How much do we desire to do the things the Lord wants. How much will we give to Him? The most important battles will be those that we fight with the silent chambers of our hearts. That is the test. It just seems so much more apparent to me as a missionary. It is just a battle of the Heart. Will I do what the Lord wants?
I love all of you! Keep me in your prayers. I am sorry about any missing letter "U's" in this letter. If it doesn't make sense, probably add a U. This keyboard is a little wonky. Have fun and be good!
Till next time,
렌프로 장로

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