Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello! How's it going people?
I am still in Korea, just in case you may have forgotten. I have been eating pretty normal food lately. Because I can make it all myself. We are going to have such good BBQ's when I get home! Haha. But not the Texas kind. Ha. It isn't actually BBQ. Whatever. Ha.
Anyways. This week I did have a snack that was sorta like a waffle ice cream cone thing, but in a different shape. Except it had seaweed on it. It was pretty weird. Haha.
What happened this week? Well, we found a pretty great investigator and it was completely a miracle. Basically I felt like we should go somewhere, and then when we were there, I felt like we should go back. On the way back, we found a really sad kid 20 years old. Got his number and have taught him 3 times now. He is great. He wants to improve his life and be happier. And he is really open. Let's baptize him! Woooooo. Haha. But really. I think it could happen. Wooo!
We have 3 people that have real potential for baptism. We'll see what happens, but they all have forces preparing them to come closer to Christ through baptism. I think it could happen next transfer!
Crazy English class lady came again. Wooo! I ran away. She asked me why I hadn't come to visit her house and whether or not she should draw me another map to her house. And this time she had her eyebrows drawn all up for me. With red lip liner, I guess. I don't know. But she looked like an alien. She dresses so nice for me! Haha.
So recently we have been focusing on the Book of Mormon as a mission. We have been trying to put the Book of Mormon into as many people's hearts as possible. As a zone, we have set the goal to give out 1000 Book of Mormons this month. Last month, we gave about 760, so, I think we can do it. Anyways, I have been thinking a lot about why the Book of Mormon matters, what my testimony of the Book or Mormon is, and why it has blessed my life.
First I think of the lessons that we can learn through the Book of Mormon. Specifically of Pride. It is such an over-ruling theme of the Book of Mormon and a very powerful one, and testifies to me of the reality that the Book of Mormon was preserved and given specifically for our modern day world by a loving Heavenly Father.
Pride is everywhere. And we see it all over the Book of Mormon. People fall because of their pride. Entire civilizations. But the word pride is a little hard to understand. I have thought about it a lot. And I am convinced that pride is an accumulation of all of the thoughts and actions that Christ would not do. It's root is always hate, or darkness to some extent. Enmity. If we remove pride, we can live in light, we can be happy.
Anyways, I am still studying it. And I probably will be for a while. But if we master this concept, we can be who the Lord wants us to be. And it is explicitly talked about in the Book of Mormon as an overarching theme.
Anyways. I love all of you. Keep me in your prayers. I need them!

렌프로 장로

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