Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello, world.

How is life in the USA? I ate KFC this morning like I usually do before I email. Today is not an actual P-day. Just an email day, and then I'll go teach some people. Yay. It is not a P-day because this week is a Korean holiday! The new lunar year! So we move our P-day to that day.
I have a fun thing for you to know about the Korean language. Yay! You excited?????? So. We Americans say, "Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth." Just when we want to say a really really long time ago. Well, the way Koreans say it... Back when the tiger smoked tobacco.... Haha. Isn't it great? We should start saying that in English. They say it like that because there is some children's myth like that. I should learn it one day. Haha.
Anyways. This week was great. Yesterday, I met some really cool people. It was some people that the other elders found. They wanted me to go since they couldn't handle the Korean. But it was great. They have such a strong belief in Jesus Christ. And they really love the Book of Mormon. I will quote something the husband said. It may be weird. I am translating. Haha. "There are lots of prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament, but no one prophecies or speaks of Christ this precisely or specifically. This really is a precious record." It is so true. The power of the Book of Mormon is the insight it gives us in the most influential event in the world, the Atonement of Jesus Christ. As we learn of His character, it truly does draw the world unto Him. That is our message.
Koreans think they have to go to the Hospital for everything. Everything! Haha. I will now proceed to tell you a story. A family in my ward got in a car accident. So they weren't at church because they were in the hospital. Sounds scary, right? Well, the missionaries visited them. And they are completely fine. Just sitting in a hospital. Completely fine. And they will be there until Thursday. Oh and guess what. Their car is completely fine too! Hahaha. I don't get it. Whatever.
Snow storm this week. Lots of fun. Actually I hated it. I hate snow! Haha. I was on exchanges with another missionary and we jumped on small trees and made all the snow fall. It was kinda fun. Ha.
Something I have been pondering lately.... Peace. Peace!
It is an interesting topic. Sometimes it seems elusive. But it is not about having no stress, or no problems, or no worries. But it is about whether or not you can sit for a second and accept things as they are. It is noticed in the quiet time, but it endures through the rough times. It is compared to a foundation, a river, a stillness, and many other things.  But it is the thing that only the Lord can give us, and nothing else can take away. And finding it is simply a matter of resisting those things which the destroyer of our peace would have us do. It is simply a matter of decision, and is the greatest gift in this life.
I have been thinking about it a lot. Peace is a promised gift from Heavenly Father. So, if you don't have it, you simply have to redirect to get it. There is never a reason to not feel peace.
I love all of you! Keep me in you prayers!
렌프로 장로

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