Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy new year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Hello, me lovelies.
I permanently speak this way due to irreversible side effects of learning Korean. Just kidding, me lovelies.
Anyways! Happy New Year! Receive lots of new year blessings, as we say in Korean. Wooo!
For new years, I did the following. I watched the first sunrise of the new year come up over the Korean ocean. It was beautiful! It is a Korean tradition out here on the coast. I am lucky to get to serve here. Afterwards, we ate Samgyeobsal. 삼겹살. It was great. Like thick cut Korean bacon. I also ate fish egg from within a bunch of small fish we cooked on a grill. Haha. It was ok.
What else? This week it snowed like a dandruff world record. Yeah. That's a bad joke. I thought I would like all this snow. But I hate it! Haha. I fell on my butt today because of frozen water streams on hills. Death. There was no way out.
I got on late to email today because I was really busy getting new investigators this morning. Haha. We met this kid a few weeks ago at the college. And we meet him officially today. He is great. He is super awkward, but I love him. He is very open and humble. We will see how it goes. Meeting him again this next Thursday.
Then, we met another new investigator. Meeting him was very interesting. I was talking to him in Korean and he wouldn't say anything. But I just kept blabbering and blabbering. Hahaha. I thought it was useless, but for some reason, I had a prompting we would get his phone number. Well, basically after talking to a silent man for five minutes who was walking home from work, he gave us his number. And now we are meeting with him. He does Korean ceramics and gave me a small bowl/glass thing to drink alcohol. And he loves X-files. He said he has seen all of them. He is Buddhist, but was Christian for 20 years, but could never find peace, so he went where he could. He is great!
Things are going well. I am excited for this next week. We have a lot planned.
This week. I feel like I have learned so much. So much!
 I think the main lesson I have learned is the power of giving up. I know this sounds weird, but wait a second.  I mean the power of giving up your own desires to the Lord. This takes faith and trust and humility and lots of other things. And it starts with a whole lot of other things.
First, who is Heavenly Father? Does He love me? Does He want what is best for me? Does He know better than me? We have to understand these things first to give up our desires to Him. But once we do, it becomes easier. Commandments - what are they? Some people think they are just things that we have to do. But that isn't true at all. They are those things that the Lord has asked us individually to do so that He may bless us, so that we may have those things that He is willing and anxious to give to us. It is always a question of whether or not we will simply do them. And as we do, He may bless. We find power in our own weakness, in our own inability.
Now, we always fail. We make mistakes. But we just keep going.
Anyways, I love you all! Keep me in your prayers, my lovelies.
렌프로 장로

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