Monday, June 2, 2014

Hellur. (18 May 2014)

Hello, the People of America.
I am still in Korea. Worry not.
This week was a good week. We had a ping pong tournament. I was on the team with our Bishop. We were undefeated. But then we stopped to give prizes to all the kids and stuff. It was fun! One of our investigators came.
I also ate raw beef. Woo. I feel like some of you would get a kick out of that. Ha.
A Korean told me that I am living in the Harlem/Brooklyn of Seoul. I don't know how true that is. But it sounds fun.
I went to a wonderful Bath House this morning. It was glorious. Lots of different pools with pressure pumps and stuff. So relaxing! Hahaha.
Today I am going to the NamSan Tower of Seoul. I don't know how exciting it will be. But because we are going there, I have to hurry up and finish writing!
This week. I have been learning a lot from the scriptures. I have noticed recently how my study style has changed. I don't just read the scriptures anymore. But it takes a really long time. There is so much to think about and apply in each verse. If you choose right. Hahaha. You should all try it. Don't just read. But choose to be taught!
I will try to write more next week! I love you all. The work is good.
렌프로 장로

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