Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heeeeeeeelllllllllo (11 May 2014)

Hello world. I am still in Korea.
This week was pretty good. We got some new investigators and had a lot of good things start happening here.
We have a really fun new investigator. He is my companion's friend from high school! Hahaha. He moved up here after high school and now he is our investigator. Other things? This week was Parent's Day. SO we made little paper carnations for all of the parents in the ward.
I just talked to everyone on the phone! I feel like I have nothing to talk about! Sorry! I am still in Korea. Don't worry.
I have been learning a lot about prayer. I still need to apply it. That is so much harder.
It is necessary for us to leave the presence of God, but He opens Himself to us in many ways. Basically, if we desire to do anything to come back to Him, to have the ability to keep His commandments, we have to pray. But prayer doesn't change our circumstances as much as it changes us so that we may accept our circumstances!
I love you all. I will write more next week!
렌프로 장로

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