Monday, June 2, 2014

Weeeeeek Something? I lost track a long time ago.... (25 May 2014)

This was a good week. We talked to lots of people. Lots of them! Haha. I think the most I have ever done on my mission so far. And we will do more next week!
I discovered some snacks that I am going to send home. They are delicious.
Also. There are some DARN cute babies in my ward. I need to take pictures with them. But they have the greatest, fluffiest cheeks in the world. So, I call them Mandu cheeks. I don't know if you'll understand that. But the next time I eat my favorite mandu around here, I'll take a picture for you. But it is a lot more fun to say Manducheeks in Korean. It sounds like this.... ManduBBBBYAM!
Oh yeah. It is Election Season up here in Korea. They go hard. Real hard. There are people everywhere wearing sashes and screaming candidates' names. For example, at nearly every entrance to every subway, there are like 10 middle aged ladies lined up and they all scream hello and their candidate's name to every person that comes out of the subway. Hardcore.
Have I told you about the sashes they wear here in Korea? It is pretty crazy. Basically when they want to look official, they wear the sash thingies that look like they are about to sell you some Girl Scout cookies. When I first saw them, I was excited at the prospect of eating some Samoas, but then I realized they changed the name for racial reasons and it was just some guy working at a bank. So sad.
Everyone thinks my companion is not a Korean. They just assume we are both foreigners. All the time. Hahaha. Some guy just went off on him in English the other day after he introduced himself to him in Korean. Hahaha. Not mean, he was just talking about some business meeting. But then he wouldn't stop. He even told him where he was from in Korea, and then the guy asked him where he was from in America after that. Hahaha. My companion does not speak English.
This morning I was studying and read a talk by D. Todd Christofferson. The divine gift of repentance. Something stood out to me. He said something along the lines of... the Savior has not said that much about his suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Savior has not given us that much information about it. He just hasn't. It is an interesting concept to me. That what we do know is only a fraction of the reality of it. And there is so much more to learn and know of His Atoning sacrifice.
I will end with a hymn I wrote 9 months ago. Hahahaha.
Oh, Spirit sweet, Voice of the Lord
His voice to us in Peace, discord
That gentle touch of Heaven's rays,
That soothing sound, no man betrays.

A privilege, Rare? No reason Such!
Dawn's burning gleam, why not as much?
To that soft soul in dire straights,
Manna unbound, e'er unclosed Gates!

Our desert wood, to mind unseen,
A pleasant grove, if thou but lean.
His ample arm, His sturdy rod
Succor unfeigned, in all paths trod.

I love you all! Send me your love and prayers! I sure need them!
렌프로 장로

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