Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hellur! (8 June 2014)

Hellur, How is the life, my people?
If you didn't know, I am still in Korea. Don't worry.
It is great here. But really hot. During the days, I take lots of water breaks. And Korea has a nice supply of ice cream bars and the like. Don't worry. I am living in style.
I went to the temple, and met a new investigator this week. Those 2 things were great. He is a really nice guy and it was really nice to just teach. Because we are starting a new area, we haven't had that many opportunities to just teach like that. It has kinda been a while! Hahaha. But it was great and showed me some of my weaknesses to work on.
I don't have that much time this week! I am going to a zoo today! The same zoo I went to last year. I am sorry this letter is boring. It was just a normal week!!!!!!
I am learning lots of things recently. Specifically about reliance. Sometimes things are just really hard. And sometimes they are so hard that even relying on Heavenly Father seems too hard, or impossible. But humility is such a powerful thing. Sometimes we get a little bitter or upset at God for the things He has done to us or the things He has withheld from us. But if we go back deep enough, and we are humble enough, we can learn. God doesn't desert us or hurt us. But we do it to ourselves and the adversary wants us to put the blame in the wrong places. Humility is such an interesting thing. It is just about seeing things as they really are. The acquisition of real spiritual truths. And that can only come from the guiding influence of the Holy Ghost.
Anyways! I love you all!
keep up the prayers for me.
렌프로 장로

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