Monday, June 30, 2014

Rainy week (22 June 2014)

This week was great!

It began with a random guy we met on the street. He said that he gave up going to church because he didn't know what was right. That is was too hard to know for himself which church is true. We told him the story of Joseph Smith and how he too was confused and felt that there was no way to know for himself except to gain the knowledge directly from God. When we told him about Joseph Smith, he said "someone like me!" We then went to the church and have met him twice now. He is really great! Miracle! 

After that... I ate raw beef. It was delicious.  

I think we live in the loudest neighborhood in Seoul. And because it is Korea, we don't have air conditioning. Which means we have to keep the windows open, which means it is even louder! Haha. So. This is how things work in Korea. Outside of convenient stores... Middle aged men tend to congregate as they drink alcohol. There is one of these right outside of our apartment. There is also a preschool right below us filled with 3-year-olds that scream a lot. Especially during singing hour. And there is a method of advertising quite common in Korea that I don't think exists in America. Trucks that sell stuff. Trucks run around neighborhoods with vegetables and stuff in the back. But they have a speaker on top of the truck to advertise what they are selling. They drive really slowly and just repeat the same thing over and over. It is so peaceful. Hahaha. When I go back to America, I am going to live in a forest. 

I had steak and shrimp marinated in coconut milk at a rich member's house. It was glorious. 

It also has rained a lot this week! Thunder and lightning all over the place! 

This week, I have been reminded of some new/old things. The importance and changeability of our hearts. Our hearts are the measure of who we are. That sometimes is a very scary thing. Because they can be so unwilling and hard sometimes. But, ultimately, they can change and we can yield them back unto Heavenly Father. We can choose to lean on Him, we can choose to change. And it begins with and also ends with our hearts. That is what he wants from us. And it is ultimately the only thing we can give Him. Our heart. Our will. 

Anyways! I love you all! Keep me in your prayers! 

렌프로 장로

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