Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 8!

Hello World!
This week was great! We have a baptismal date! Woah! Hahaha. And we also have some very promising investigators that we'll be meeting this Sunday!
But first things first. Mother, am I the spawn of Donny Osmond? Do you have some confessions to make? BECAUSE. In our mission, we have a sister missionary who is dating Donny Osmond's son who is my age. Haha. I told her how you were an Osmond Convert, and therefore I am an Osmond Missionary. Hahaha. But. Apparently I look a lot like his son, have similar interests, and act like an Osmond. And this is according to someone who has had multiple dinners with the Osmonds. So. I might be an Osmond. Not really sure still. I'll keep you updated on the DNA tests.
Just so you know, our mission also has an olympic Canadian gymnast in it. Pretty cool, Eh? Haha. He trains for three hours a day and competes in gymnastic competitions as part of his mission. It's crazy!
This week I sung Amazing Grace at a bus stop with a really talkative Korean lady. Hahaha. I told her I sang and so she wanted to sing with me. Koreans love music and really will just sing anywhere. No hesitation. At least a lot of the time. Haha. She kept telling me that I have beautiful eyebrows... Haha. I liked that. I think that was the first time I have gotten that one. A lot of Koreans have really faint eyebrows, so I think they like seeing real ones. It is great. Some ladies just like draw on big black ones because they have none.
I met a wonderful woman this week. Her name is either Ignacious or Agnocious. I couldn't really tell due to her super thick accent. But I'll probably figure out which when we meet on Sunday. She is a middle-aged woman from Cameroon. I met her at the bus stop. I love her. I hardly know her, but I love her. She is so beautiful to me. She is short and stout and walks with a limp. She dresses very tomboy-esque, but I couldn't help but feel so much love for her. She is interested to learn our message. When I gave her our business card, she saw the pictures and said, "Hey, I have seen these videos (Mormon Messages). I really like them!" So, she has already had some exposure. I hope everything turns out well. I can't wait to teach her and to help her. We are also meeting with our Pakistani friend this Saturday.
Yesterday on the bus I had a wonderful conversation with a college student. He was really nice and had a lot of genuine questions about life and why we are here. I also talked to this other couple who were so nice as well! I feel so much love for these people. I want to help them so much according to their needs. I know that even though I can't speak Korean very well, the Lord is still pleased with my efforts to help these people and He will make up for the rest.
I have been thinking a lot this week about remembrance. I want to always remember my Savior. I want to always feel His love and have it reinforced in my heart. I want His name etched on my heart. I want to be who He would have me be. I want to always be grateful. This really is just a matter of living according to the spirit. As we strive to keep the commandments of God as completely as possible, we can always have His spirit to be with us. The comforter. The teacher. We can live in truth. We can always recognize his influence. This is what I am trying to do. I want to always remember. I want to feel His presence as often as possible because it brings so much peace to my life. I know there is nothing greater. Even though we are away from His presence, even though this life is difficult, we can have the Spirit! It is such an amazing gift! If ever we chose to live without it by not keeping his commandments, we remove ourselves from the presence of God. Not the other way around.
But I don't have much time! I bought a digital dictionary. And I have been downloading a lot of Korean lessons to it through a website that our mission president allows. So that has taken a lot of time. But I have to learn this language and the lessons really help.
Anyways! I love you all very much. I am working hard and I miss you dearly. Keep me in your prayers. I need them. I have felt their influence.
Love, Elder Renfroe
렌프로 장로

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