Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 10! Pig Skin?

Hello, People. I am once again eating a Chicken curry donut. Jealous? Also, I ate a donut filled with read bean paste again. It was supposed to have cream cheese in it. But I think Koreans like to secretly put red bean paste in everything. Don't turn your back on them. Red Bean paste will be involved.
I have to tell you about the dinner I had at a member's house last night... Goodness.. Hahaha. So. There was a fruit salad. Which in Korea means vegetable and fruit mixed with yogurt. It actually is pretty good. Haha. Apples, bell peppers, blueberries, and raisins. Kinda weird but whatever. Haha. But then, when we were almost done, the member opened a can of tuna and just plopped it in the middle. :( Hahaha. It was so weird. Tuna and spam are like high treats here. Fine dining. Hahaha. Then.... I ate a terrible, terrible thing. But I didn't know what it was until after. Which was a very good idea. Hahah. Bosam is the name. Basically, it is compressed, congealed pig skin. You feel like you are chewing on rubbery stuff. It looks like meat and mayo packed into a slab with a cloudy clear fatty outside. Yum! Basically, I just ate it with a huge piece of kimchi, so I couldn't taste anything. But it is the texture that is killer... Also, as a side dish, there were little baby dried fish to eat with your rice. Yay!
Anyways.... Hahaha.
This week. We are going to the temple tomorrow. So, today we are emailing, but it isn't actually our P-day. Hahaha. Also, tomorrow I'm probably going to go to a really cheap market and buy ties. Because that is what missionaries do. Ha. I'm just really picky about my ties. And since it is basically the only thing I get to change everyday, it is my only outlet for expression.
This last week there was so much rain. So much rain. At one point, we were in it and there was a miniature river and waterfall in the middle of the city. I would have taken a picture... But it was raining. Hahaha.
Also. I am grateful this week for an upbringing which apparently has taught me how to handle spicy food. One of the Sister missionaries in my ward can't handle spice at all. And last night at the dinner.... Well Koreans will tell you how to eat their food. So you have to eat it the way they tell you. She said her mouth was on fire. But I don't think it is spicy at all. It really has made this experience a whole lot easier than it should have been if I wasn't able to eat the food. Haha. Koreans like it when I eat all of their kimchi. Haha. I'm going to smell wonderful when I get home.
Everyweek I feel closer to my Savior and I feel His love more. I don't think I have ever been so bad at something I care so much about. But it really has made me rely on my Savior all the more, which has only brought wonderful blessings.
I don't have a lot of time, but did all of you see the video on member missionary work? If not, you should. And start doing it! You can do it easily. I have been greatly impressed here in Korea about how the power to find people prepared for the gospel mostly lies in the hands of the members and not the full time missionaries. So, I need your help! Find people for the missionaries to teach. You already know them. It can happen through simple acts. Just pretend like you are doing it for me! :)
I feel so much love for all of you and for all of the people I talk with. I am so grateful to be here and to have this incredible learning experience.
Keep me in your prayers! I love you all immensely!
Elder Renfroe 
렌프로 장로

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