Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 9! The rain has begun.

Helllllllllo World!
How are you? Have you been at peace recently? I'm Korean. Not really. I suck!! Hahaha.
Anyways! This week was good. It was the first week that we met our goals for contacts! Yay! We talked to 140 people this week! Yay. It is really hard to do this up in north parts of South Korea, but we did it! Yay. Now we are upping the goal!
Basically it is monsoon season in Korea! Yay! That means we get breaks from the heat with really fun rainstorms! I'm currently soaking wet as I write this email. But it is fine! The other day it was 100% humidity. It is sorta like this state between raining and fog. It is kinda like a rain cloud is literally sitting on Korea sometimes... It is crazy.
Oh, by the way. I have heard 3 strikes of thunder this week. They were all very loud. By the way, I hear the same thunder as North Korea. Isn't that cool! Woah! Haha.
This week was the fourth of July! I didn't see any fireworks. But I went to Outback Steakhouse. I know it is technically Australian... but we had to do something remotely American. The languages are the same right? Haha.
I have a funny story of an Indian lady. Hahaha. So we were knocking doors. Well there was this one door. No one answered so we went to the next. Happens a lot... Haha. But as we were walking, this Indian lady comes out and says she was sleeping. We apologized for waking her and she just went back in. But I decided we should bring her a present because we woke her. So the next day, we returned with a chamwoi (a small cantaloupe-like Korean fruit). I knocked on her door and tried to give it her.  She answered and then 3 of the cutest Indian children in the world came rushing out! So cute! And she was bottle feeding a baby. She refused my fruit, but we told her a little about our church and how families can be eternal. But she didn't want to talk and didn't want my fruit. Haha. So the excuse she used was that she was sleeping again. She clearly was not sleeping. Crazy children and nursing a baby. You are sleeping. So, Is "I'm sleeping" just an Indian excuse for everything? If not, this women is just sleeping all day and I am scared for these children's safety. Haha.
So now, I'm just going to tell people I am sleeping when I don't want to do something. The Korean excuse is... I'm busy! Or, I am in the middle of eating food... Haha.
We got stood up for appointments 3 times this week. But oh well... We are making progress! I also got some good phone numbers for people. Haha. I love it more everyday.
I don't have lots of time. But something that has really helped me this week.... You know those people that are so welcoming and warming to everybody? Like they never meet a stranger and everyone is their friend? I do! Her name is Cynthia Wilson. Well. I want to be that type of person. And I need to be that type of person to be the missionary that I can become. Well I was praying about it. Because I want to talk to everyone... but sometimes I don't.
All I had was a simple thought to my mind. But more than a thought. It lingered and continues to linger. We are all the same! Therefore, I love you! I want to talk to you! I want to know you. Be my friend. Let's learn from each other. Why not talk? Why waste that time, that relationship, that opportunity to learn and grow from each other? That is why I am a missionary. I love people. I want to share with them the things I love. I love people! Seriously. I think it is a gift missionaries get, if they want it. Love. Christ-like love. It is a wonderful feeling. Now I just need to learn Korean better! Hahaha. But I'm doing well with what I have.
Also, this week, my heart was very tender as I turned my studies toward the Savior. There is no more important message than that of Jesus Christ and of His Atonement. As we learn of it, we become who we are meant to become. Everyone can do it. It is as simple as reading the scriptures, pondering, and praying with a sincere heart. I love my Savior. I think of Him often. And I feel His love. And everyone else can to. It is so wonderful!
But anyways! Time is short! I love you all! Soooo Much! Write me letters! Send me love! I am doing well! Keep me in your prayers. You are in mine!
Also, My friend Javauna just got called to Seoul South! She should email me and I'll tell her what she needs to know! Hahaha.
But, I love you all!
Elder Renfroe 렌프로 장로

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