Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 11 A Small Piece of Heaven

I am currently eating a Cheese on Cheese bagel from a place called Paris Baguette. This store is rampant in Korea. They make a lot of Koreanized bread products. It is pretty darn good. Haha. We go there right before we email every Monday. Hahaha.
Sooooooo! This week was great! Great! We have four people progressing with potential! That is a far cry from the 0 we had when I got here. BUT, we also have more people to work with! It is great. We actually have a teaching pool now.
First, we email at what is called a PC 방 every Monday because it is the only place we can. It is basically a place filled with computers on which teenagers and creepy old men play computer games and eat ramen all day. Haha. These things do not exist in America. Anyways... one of the guys that works here was speaking a little English to us, so we told him about our English class. Which no one had been coming to... Then, this last Saturday, an entire family and this guy came and plan on coming every time from now on. So now we actually have someone to teach English to! But the best part, my companion and I took they guy and taught him separately and the sisters taught the family, because they are all ladies. But anyways, when we teach English, we teach a short gospel message at the end. And he is completely open to hearing it. It is great. He is an orphan and said he turned his life around and he doesn't really know what to believe, but does believe in something. So basically, we are going to teach this guy English for an hour and the gospel for 30 minutes 2 times every week! Yay! I can't wait to teach him that he has a family and a Heavenly Father. That he isn't alone.
Then, our Pakistani guy... We haven't really been able to meet with him, but we called him this last week. About 2 weeks ago, we gave him a Book of Mormon in his native language. He said he really likes it and has already read over half of it! Woah! He says he reads it for an hour a day.
Then, we are teaching a member's friend English and the gospel (30 minutes each) and he really seems to be progressing and is also open to what we have to say. It really is great because many Koreans just don't want to listen to us. There is a lot of aggressive pressure here to go to church, so they don't want to hear us out, but as they trust us, they realize that we really are just trying to do good. We are just trying to help them to come closer to Christ.
Then, we had this one guy that really hasn't been able to meet much, but we met with him this week. Before, he didn't want to pray, because is feels weird. He is Buddhist, and his interest only really seemed fairly scholarly. But this last visit we talked a lot about Heavenly Father and the eternal nature of families. He told us that he really liked our message as opposed to everything else that he has found because we are the only ones with an emphasis on families. That our message fits the love he has for his family. It was great. Haha.
We also met this one guy that just wants to be friends so he can learn English. Haha. He has met with missionaries in the past. But yeah.... He is what we call an English suck.
This week. I craved Kimchi. Haha. It made me a little sad because I won't be able to eat it everyday in America! Haha. I eat it so much....  It is great! Have you all tried Kimchi? You should. Go eat it with some rice. Haha. I am going to have parties at Korean restaurants for the rest of my life.
I miss carpet. It doesn't exist in Korea. Haha. Also, when I come back home, I am going to miss being called beautiful and handsome all the time. Haha. My ego would be really big, if I wasn't constantly being humble by Korean. Hahaha.
Also There was a shooting in my ward. It involved a sister missionary's face, a bidet, and a suddenly appearing stick. One of the sister missionaries in my ward said the bidet shot her in the face with water because she didn't know what it was doing. She said she looked down and a stick came out of no where and sprayed her in the face! Hahahaha. Bidet are quite common here. Maybe I'll get one when I go home? You feel me?
Hahaha. But it is great here in Korea. I am learning so much! And, I drink a Dr. Pepper every monday. So, the world isn't ending yet.  
Also, I need pictures! I had to use some to make an introduction card to the ward I am in. SO I need some replacement family photos and maybe some photos of my hobbies? I don't know. Hahaha.
There is no comfort in our growth zone and no growth in our comfort zone. I love those words from Sister Linda Smith in a letter that she wrote to me. They really helped me because that is exactly how I feel!
But keep me in your prayers! I need them and I feel them! I love you all so much!
Love, Elder Renfroe 
렌프로 장로
P.S I may send home boxes of stuff periodically especially ties. I found some really great ties. I might buy seconds of each and send them home so I have them when I get home! Haha. I love them....

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