Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 12. Into a new area, I delve.


 I am being transferred. Currently I am serving in 금촌 (Geumchon), but I am moving to the complete opposite and most eastern side of the mission. It is about 5 hours away. It is called 동해 (Donghae), which literally means east sea. It is a little beach town. It is supposed to be really refreshing and fun. But, also, it is the Boonies of Korea, so I don't think there are very many people there. It will be a whole new world. So, I served in the area closest to North Korea and now I get to serve closest to the Ocean and most east! Yay. Looks like I am going to have some variety. I will be co-senior companions with a Missionary name Elder Henderschott. I may have spelled that wrong. I haven't met him yet... But I finish a program called "Pass-off" the other week, which is a language learning program. So now I and considered a Senior companion, I guess. Haha. I am no longer a Greenie!
This last Sunday, It was really sad to say good bye to my ward. I got to give a little goodbye testimony/talk and It was quite emotional. I love the ward so much, even though most of my time there, I couldn't really talk to the members because I couldn't speak Korean very effectively. But I bore my pure testimony of Jesus Christ, and how much He loves them. It made me think a lot. Because sometimes it is hard to do this work. Sometimes, it is hard to have motivation. It is hard to keep going. But love is really the only motivation that will ever overcome that. It really is the only way we can be like the Savior and do His work. This morning, I was reading in 3 Nephi Chapter 10 and it has the parable of the hen who gathers her chicks under her wing. That is what the Savior does. The hen doesn't not try to protect, rescue, and succor the chick because it is tired. It doesn't even think about whether it is tired. It doesn't allow itself to indulge in such thoughts. It is only thinking of others. It doesn't think. It just acts. If we love the Savior, that is who we will be. That is how we will act. Because that is how the Savior acts.
I know there are a lot of frogs in my emails... But. Why not? Our mission email had this in it, so I thought you would enjoy.
Today, as my last week in 금촌 I am going to a meat buffet and I will eat until I can't anymore. Haha. Also, the house here is getting 2 more elders. That means this ward will have 6 missionaries.
What happened this week? I ate cow spine soup. Haha. It was fine. You don't have to eat the spinal cord. So I didn't.... The thing is... The name for it in Korean translates to "potato soup." But.... Yeah. there were a few potatoes, and mostly spinal cords. Haha. But it really was good. and kinda weird. You put the vertebrae in a bowl when you are going to eat the meat. Haha... Yeah..
But, anyways! I'll probably have lots to tell you next week about my new area! And hopefully some pictures, but I don't know yet. I feel like I am about to go on a rollercoaster. Haha.
I love you all SOOOOOOOO Much! So much.
I know the Lord loves all of His flocks of children. I get to learn especially about His love for His Korean flocks, but I know His love applies to them all. I am grateful for the opportunity to be an assistant shepherd. A light on a hill.
 I constantly feel insufficient to do His work, but at the same time, I constantly feel His pushing and guiding influence, making me into the servant He wants me to be. He can change us. He can guide us, we just have to yield and listen.
Once again, I love you! Pray for me! I need it more than ever!
Send me your love! I send you mine!
Love, Elder Renfroe 
렌프로 장로

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