Friday, June 28, 2013

Week 7!

Hello Everyone!
I don't have a lot of time this week... BUT I will still write. I was downloading a lot of stuff to help me learn Korean. Yay! Because I need to speak this language! Ha.
Anyways. Once again, it has been an interesting week. My Korean gets better every week! I can think more in Korean now. And it doesn't cause me to have a headache as much anymore. Haha.
So, this last week, at a dinner with a member, we had a legitimate conversation about how missionaries who like to eat kimchi learn Korean better than those that don't. Then, the husband said that unless you eat dog, you can't speak it. Hahaha. I really hope I don't have to eat dog. Apparently Koreans don't eat it very much because it is expensive. And some Koreans just choose not to eat it because they think it is gross. I think the worst thing I have seen here in Korea in terms of food happened the other day. Apparently some people boil silk worm larva and sell it on the street. So there are just these big pots filled with silk worm larva. SICK! When I saw it, I thought, "Are those what I think they are?" Yes. They were. Apparently Koreans think they are healthy. But Koreans think everything is healthy.
This last week I have come to the conclusion that Koreans are turtles. Especially the old ones. With their bowed legs and slow movements. And they are all always in their shells: Their cells phones. Ha. But seriously...
This last week, one the members of our ward was talking to an English lady (the member speaks English very well) and they were talking about love. She wanted to say that there was chemistry between them, but instead she said there were chemicals between them. I laughed a long time. It may not be funny in email form, but I liked it a lot. Hahaha.
We met this old man in a wheel chair and he likes us a lot. He wanted us to go with him to get some hair combs because he knew where a giant pile of free hair combs was in Korea. What in the world? I was like, "Sorry we have an appointment, Bye!" But the problem is that he is everywhere. He'll probably ask us again to fetch combs from a mystical free and endless pile of combs somewhere in Korea. Haha.
THEN! This week we met Mayvis. She was a crazy lady that we saw while visiting a member this last week. She is from Canada. We were eating pizza and she walked by. So I asked her if she wanted a piece, naturally. Haha. She did! So she came and ate pizza with us. Oh yeah, the member gave us this pizza, so we had to eat it before we were going to visit someone else. Anyways Mayvis talked for a really long time. She actually had been to our church one time and had a really bad experience because of a mean and prying missionary. But she came out of our conversation with a renewed view of our church in the very least. When she left, she said, "You are much gentler than the other guy." Maybe we'll never see her again, but the Lord fixed a woman's view of the church with a pizza.
So, the sisters in my ward are teaching a woman. And in return, the woman wants to teach them how to dance. I guess, so that she doesn't feel as in debt to them? I don't know. Koreans do this stuff all the time. Anyways so, she was teaching them how to dance in the chapel. They were doing all this weird Korean traditional dance. It looks really funny. Haha. Then the lady remembered she had some English records. So she puts them on. Guess what song the sisters in my ward danced Korean traditional dance to in an LDS chapel?
Like a Virgin by Madonna, of course. It was the Funniest thing when I heard about it. Apparently the sisters had a really hard time not dying of laughter.
This week I have been learning a lot! I have been trying really hard to talk to people. Even though this week has been hard, because it is hard to talk to turtles, I have been doing well. And once you get them out of their shells, they seem fine to talk to you. You just have to get them out of their shell first.
I have been learning a lot about my heart. What things do I want to do? Do I really want to serve the Lord and obey Him completely? Are my desires pure enough? This is a hard question. Because the adversary has some hold of our hearts. I was reading in Alma and the gist of the scripture was like this: If you want it you will get it. If you desire righteousness, you will receive righteousness. If you desire evil, that is what you will receive at the last day. Heavenly Father can't give it to you unless you want it.
I don't say this to mean that I don't want righteousness, but I do recognize that I can want it more. That as I desire to serve the Lord with my whole heart, I will come closer to Him. This means even giving up my righteous desires. I have to give everything to him. It is the only intelligent thing to do. If I give myself to Him completely, He can make me more than I can ever make of myself. What I am really talking about are those silent battles we have in the chambers of our hearts. We don't need to have those battles. As we surrender, we can be happy now.
That is just what I have been thinking about lately. Because this is really hard. But I know this is where I should be. And because of that, I am happy. There is no greater peace than knowing that the Lord is in agreement with the decisions you are making.
I'm trying everyday to become a better missionary. Sometimes I feel like I suck, but I am working on it! Haha.
Anyways! I don't have a lot of time. I love you all! I need your prayers!
Elder Renfroe

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