Saturday, February 14, 2015

Howdy. (8 February 2015)

This week was crazy!

We have a baptism this Saturday! How fun, right? He is a 24 year old kid that we found on the street maybe 4 weeks ago. He is so prepared we had to move his date up. Hahaha. He is really great. He actually wants to get baptized! Haha. It is nice how easy it is when someone is actually prepared. He has been looking around at churches for quite a while, but he said they all seemed fake. But now that he has found ours, he feels it is real. That is the watered down summary. Ha. 

Also. We just met a random English guy at a restaurant. He met sister missionaries back in England, and he said that when they talked to him, he just got this feeling that what they were saying made sense and was true. So ever since then he said he knew that God actually spoke to Joseph Smith, he has just wondered what it was that God said to him. Hahaha. So we told him. As I was reciting the First Vision to him in English, he said right after that he got the same feeling as when he met the sisters. Pretty crazy. Both me and my companion were flabbergasted. Hahaha. Definitely a first. He is only living here for a little bit it seems, but he'll be in Korea for awhile. So even if we don't get to meet with him, it was just so nice to find such a prepared person. Prepared people! They are out there! 

We had Stake Conference this last weekend. All of the choir numbers we did went well. It was really cool to sing the 3rd verse of brightly beams our fathers mercy with 700 Korean people. Next week, I have to sing for the seminary graduation. Yay! More music! hahaha. 

I am going to go on a one month road trip with a Korean friend when I get back to America. People give me money. Hahahaha. One of my investigators wants to do that with me. Haha. 

But things are going well. 

Also, I led a Chinese man around for a day who had come to visit the temple. I had to use my meager Chinese all day! My brain hurt. He isn't a member but wants to be. He has known about our church for 5 years, but hasn't know where to go, what to do about it. So I helped him get information of our church in China, branch locations and stuff. Pretty crazy. He said he went to a temple in Thailand one time but no one spoke Chinese there. So he was really happy to meet me. Ha. 

Anyways! I love you all! I gotta go! Talk to you next week!

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