Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hi. (2 February 2015)

We didn't have any time yesterday to email because it was a zone leader meeting. So today is our P-day! Sorry for the inconvenience. Ha. 
This week was good. Kind of a roller coaster in terms of investigators. It is going really well though. I am grateful to be here and serve with these people. To be able to help these people. We have 3 baptismal dates and will have one more in a little bit. 
One of our investigators has a really hard life and things went kinda crazy and he had to move way out into the countryside. I was really sad about that, but he called last night and said that he will be moving back into Seoul, and back into our area. So we will still be able to work with him. I have been working with him the entire time I have been in this area. He just needs a little more of a testimony. He just needs to feel the spirit a little more. He already lives all the standards of the church and is doing great, reading and coming to church. 
One of our investigators is really really prepared. We might move his date up so we can baptize him sooner. Haha. That is a first. 
I taught Sunday School on Sunday. I am so grateful I can speak this language now. I can't say all things in the world, but I can express myself the way I want to. I really love that. All the hard work has paid off. I am going to learn Korean the rest of my life. Ha. 
The choir I am leading is finally coming together. We actually sound kinda good now! Ha. Thank goodness. 
This week in Sunday School I taught about the creation. It is surprising how much there is to learn in the doctrine of the creation of the world. I will tell you one thing that stood out to me as I was preparing. The reason for the creation of the earth was so that we would have a place to learn and develop. It was planned. We needed to leave His presence to learn and grow. But there is so much more on this earth than just the basic necessities. Birds and animals and plants, nameless beautiful things that weren't necessarily necessary for our salvation. They are expressions of His love. He didn't just send us to a cardboard earth, but He sent us to an earth of endless beauty. The only thing we have to do to feel His love is open our eyes. 
Anyways. I love you all! Keep me in your prayers. See you in 8 weeks. Ha.  

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