Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hi. (25 January 2015)

I have 9 weeks as a missionary left. Remember when I had only been out for 9 weeks?

This week was pretty good. We were really busy running around and teaching people. 

We had interviews with President, a few new investigators and met lots of people who seem like they will be pretty great. 

One of our investigators who is really great, though, is moving. :( He is moving way out into the country, but there is a church about 30 minutes away. So that is good, still. But. Sad. It is all of a sudden as well. We had no idea and then this week he came up to us at church and told us he was leaving this next week. Maybe he will have nothing to do but read the Book of Mormon and pray out there and he will get a testimony! Hahahaha. It is still our mission, so if he gets baptized, I'll be able to see it, I guess. 

But other things are going great. We had people at church and it is going really well. 

This week I have been learning about prayer. The things that stood out the most to me was this. Prayer in the Old Testament was usually accompanied by sacrifice. People built altars and gave burnt offerings. Pretty serious business. But nowadays we just pray. But I think the concept should be the same. When we pray, are we offering? Or are we demanding? Do we see it as a burden or an opportunity? I have noticed that my most effective prayers, my most rewarding prayers have been when I have a heart to give to the Lord. When I repent. Prayer isn't just a discussion board. It is a conversation, but we also are not praying to change God, but to change ourselves. So we must give Him something. We must sacrifice our hearts to Him. 

Anyways! I love you all! Have good days and lives. See you in 2 months-ish.

렌프로 장로

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