Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hi! (11 January 2015)

I have 11 emails left after this. 
11! That is pretty weird. I got a new companion this week. A big teddy bear from Salt Lake City with a heart of gold. His name is Elder Hollingshaus and it is great. Working hard. 
I will be happy to end these last 2 transfers with him. Our strengths and weaknesses go really well together. Ha. What I mean is that we can do a lot more together than we can alone. So I am grateful for that. 
One of our investigators agreed to a baptismal date once again. He is so close. He is reading the Book of Mormon every day and really is learning a lot from it and enjoying it even. He says he feels like it is God's word and he hopes it is God's word, but just isn't quite sure yet. But we will be reading with him everyday, basically. 
We have been meeting a lot of nice and cool people. And some not so nice or cool people. I met one lady the other day that I thought really bad thoughts about. She was so rude. But I repented. Ha. But then we meet cool people, so it all balances out. 
I made cookies this week and they tasted like popcorn. Korean butter is to blame, I think. Ha. 
I have been learning lots of things lately this week through the scriptures. It honestly has been incredible. The truths of the restored gospel. They are infinite and eternal and contained in God's word, which has been given to us in this day. Heavenly Father truly has poured out abundant blessings upon us in these latter-days. 
I don't think I could even begin to share them in a email. But they have made me love my Heavenly Father more, appreciate the sacrifice of His Son for me, and even healed my soul in ways I didn't expect, and will continue to do so.  
I love you all!!!  Keep me in your prayers!
렌프로 장로

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