Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 3

Hello Everyone!
I miss you all a lot. Terribly. I miss America and white people. But I still love Korea and Koreans. Have I told you yet how stinking hard this is? I've been thrown right into a fire pit. It really is so hard. But I am learning.
I had my first dinner with members this week! It was so Korean. I'd tell you the food. But you would have no idea what it is... Hahaha. It was all delicious though. We sat on the floor, of course and ate the entire meal at a miniature table. The family we ate with is wonderful. I really love the Mother. She is very spunky and fun. The father is much more reserved, But he is still great. They have 3 daughters and the Grandma lives with them, which is extremely common here in Korea (The grandparents living with their children). Their oldest daughter has autism or something. She can't speak and she really just wanders around most of the time. But she is wonderful. It is great to see their love. They have 6 people living in their home and it is smaller than ours. I want to trade. I really love this family. I shared the spiritual thought at dinner in Korean. And even though I can't speak very well, the spirit was still there.
I have been thinking a lot about hope and diligence as I have been here. This is just so hard. My heart is tender. We work all day with one purpose: To invite others to come unto Christ. But we aren't seeing any results yet.
But I don't think I have been giving it my all. I'm scared. Really only because of Korean. I know that once I feel more comfortable, I will be able to do better. But until then, What I am supposed to do? I have been coming to one conclusion. Try and Try and Try. I need to use my Korean as much as possible in order to get better. I need to talk to everyone. That way we will find, and that way we will have success. I have been holding back because I can't speak this language. But I can still invite people to come unto Christ with the Korean that I do have.
This week has been really hard. This area is really hard. This mission is really hard. I need your prayers.
This next week will be exciting though. We are going to the temple tomorrow. So, my preparation day isn't today, but will be tomorrow. But we still email today. Then, on Thursday, We have a mission activity because the mission is splitting. Hopefully it will be lots of fun! And I'm sure there will be delicious food.
I don't have much to say this week. But I will share some of the things I have learned.
Even in our hardest times, we are giving our all and nothing seems to be happening. God understands. Nothing we can ever go through is beyond what Jesus Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. The only way we can ever find joy is to lean on Him, to lean on His teachings. I know the only way to peace and joy in this life and eternal life in the next is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. He wants to bless us. He loves us. He is always beside us. His arms are stretched out all the day long.
My heart is tender today. I miss all of you. It isn't necessarily a bad thing. The only way we can come to know Jesus Christ is by following his example and living the way He did. I feel as though Heavenly Father is giving me that opportunity.
I don't have that much time. But please pray for me. Please pray for Korea. I need it. They need it. We all need it. I love you all immensely and I miss you dearly.
Elder Renfroe

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