Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week Four!

This week has been crazy!
I ate chicken feet. Yay! You all would have thrown up. Maybe. The sauce on them was really delicious! Ha! We were at a member's house for dinner and she made us some delicious fried rice and then after we stuffed ourselves, she brought out all of the chicken feet. We all were quite shocked. But we ate them! Haha. There really isn't much to eat on them. Mostly just skin and stuff. It's really weird. But at the same time it isn't that weird. You mostly just lick the delicious Korean spicy sauce off.
Also I got me first Korean haircut today. It looks really spiffy. I'll send some pictures next week because today I am going to go do some sight seeing in Seoul. We are going to see a famous palace. I'm also going to the largest bookstore in Korea. It is HUGE! Mom would probably die in it.
Everyday gets better here. You understand a little bit more. You can speak a little bit more. Little by little I am becoming the representative of Jesus Christ that He wants me to be in Korea. It is great.
This week we had a miracle! We haven't had anyone to teach the entire time I have been here. BUT! Yesterday at church a former investigator of the church showed up and says he knows the church is true! Ha! He said he wants to be baptized. He has met with missionaries in the past and has come to church, but he said before, he didn't believe in Christ, but now he does. He has worked with many missionaries in the past, but he seems ready. Hopefully, if he has time, we are going to teach him on Wednesday. We just need to make sure that he is getting baptized for the right reasons and that he knows what this means in his life for him. I had been really down because we hadn't been able to find anyone and it just seemed like we were in a drought here in terms of missionary work the entire time I have been here. But just work hard and the effects will come. It may take time. It may take until the next life. But no effort is ever wasted if it is dedicated to God. We still need more investigators. But just by having one, I feel like doors are starting to open.
Last night I had dinner at my bishop's house. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! Oh my.... Seriously. I loved every second of it. Soooo good. Haha. The thing about Korean meals is there really isn't just one dish. Ever. It is like 10 different things and you just eat them all.
I went shoping earlier today and guess what! I FOUND DR. PEPPER. So I bought 5 cans. Ha! I also bought tofu and Korean mushroom and 20 Kg of rice for me and my companion. We split the price. Don't worry. I may live off of rice for the rest of my life. Who knows? I also bought other delicious Korean sauces and stuff.
Things are going well. This is still darn hard. But the Lord is strengthening me. The most important thing is just to be a light. Just be happy. The gospel is good news. We have Jesus Christ on our side. He is always right there with us. There is always hope. Sometimes, we are just too blind to see Him, or we choose to leave Him. His arms are stetched out all the day long. We can always return. We can always feel peace. We can always be happy, even if times are sad. Despite difficulties, they can always be light in our soul because of eternal promise of salvation. This gospel is so joyous! Let it shine through you!
I remember something funny about Korea. Haha. In bathrooms, the toilet paper isn't in the stall. It is outside them right when you enter the bathroom. At least it is a lot of the time. Haha. So you better remember to get it before you go in! Ha. And sometimes for soap, they have bars of soap on metal bars on the wall next to the sink. So, you just grab it and get some on your hands and continue your business. Haha. It is different.
Anyways I love you all soooooooooooooooooooo dearly. I miss you every day! But I'm doing well. Your prayers are helping. Keep them coming.
Elder Renfroe 렌프로 장로

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