Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 2

This keyboard is really awkward. The spacing is off or something! Anyways!
Hello! 안녕하세요!
This week has been great. And crazy. And this is the hardest thing in the world. I still don't speak Korean, but I am working on it. I am getting better. It hurts my brain.
I successfully talked to a man in Korean and gave him a Book of Mormon all by myself. Yay. I'm really not bad at Korean. I just suck at the same time. Ha. I'm really slow, but I am doing really well for only having been here for 2 weeks.
Something that is really fun! My companion is district leader, so he does exchanges every week. That means I get to go to a bunch of different areas and meet all of the missionaries in my district for reals. Once every week, I go with a different missionary for one day. It is fun.
Soooo. This last week we had a holiday: 부처님 오신날 orrrrr Buddha's Birthday! All of the Koreans got off work and so there was a giant stake activity for the entire day. They made it a sports day. And all of the missionaries were required to come, basically. Basically, it was a missionary day off. People were supposed to bring their nonmember friends, but that didn't really happen. So we just played soccer, ate food, and built relationships with all of the members. It was great. And I got really sunburned. But I'm fine. I'm not peeling.
One of the missionaries broke his nose playing soccer. It wan't me! Don't worry. By the way, if a Korean is slightly hurt, they usually fall on the ground and call an ambulance. This might have kinda happened at the sports day because of a leg cramp. There wasn't an ambulance, but lots of commotion. He is fine don't worry. Ha.
I ate lots of food that day. And it was all good. Bibimbap, bulgogi, pajeon, and other delectables. They have this rice dessert cake that has bean dust on the outside. It was pretty good. Expect there was this one thing that I never plan on eating again. It is this sort of jerky stuff make from fish. My bishop said it was made from "sea mice." I don't know what those are and I don't want to. Hahah. It tastes like fish and sugar and nasty. But it was fun.
Last night, we were knocking doors and this random lady invited us in and fed us lots of food for a hour... She had no interest in our church but was still super nice. She wanted to make us a huge meal. Curry and stew, and even wanted to go to the store and buy more food. But we said we didn't have time for that. Haha. And she wants us to come back for a real meal. She's Catholic and has been forever. And has no kids. But she was super nice. Apparently that is what Korean women are like from the older generation. So we had a truly Korean experience right there. That same day some other lady gave us vitamin waters when we knocked on her door. Not the nasty American kind, but delicious Korean kinds. Hahaha. People were really gracious to us that day.
I have been learning a lot here. The work is really slow. We have no investigators and not very many people talk to us or seem interested. But we do meet people and have good conversations occasionally. It seems that if we have one good conversation with someone, It is a successful day.
This has been a trial of my faith. I know this is the Lord's work. I know He is preparing people. We just have to find them. I often think that miracles are possible, but that is just not the way the Lord is going to do things. But that is wrong. Since I am the Lord's missionary I should expect miracles. We can find people to teach. He will put them in our paths as we have the faith. The most powerful being in the whole universe can do His work however He pleases. The only changing factor is the faith of His servants. Miracles should be expected because this is His work.
I am working really hard. I just need to have more faith. Then, I'll work even harder. I love my ward, my bishop loves me and things are going well.
I miss you! I love you! This is the hardest thing ever. Pray for me. I am praying for you. I can't wait to see you all in a while.
Elder Renfroe

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