Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week One: Done.

Oh my goodness. What a week! 焼戚壱!
Lots to tell all of you.
First day: We got off of the airplane and went straight to our mission president who was waiting for us. He is a great man. I like his style a alot. Hahaha. He says he tries to teach correct principles and allows missionaries to govern themselves. I like this. Anyways. We met him and they took our bags back to our house and then we went with some other missionaries and made our way back to the mission president's house on the Subway and street contacted along the way. I was companioned with a native Korean, so basically, i just stood there and looked pretty. Haha. せせせせ
But! I did talk a little and say a few things. This is darn hard. Hardest thing ever. Korean makes my brain want to blow up. BUT! Then, when we transfer to another subway, I saw some white people. I asked them if they were from America. THEY WERE FROM GERMANY! Haha. So, we talked in German the entire subway ride. It was a man and his wife. They were atheist. But we had a nice chat. It was a tender mercy from the Lord. It was like he was saying, "I know this is really hard, go have some fun for a second." Haha. I enjoyed it.
THEN! We got to the president's house and had pizza! From the Korean Little Caesar's equivalent: Pizza school. And I quickly fell asleep, and had the soundest night's sleep of my entire life. 
Next day we met our companions. Mine is Elder Nicholas Frazier from Atlanta Georgia. I about died when he said he was from Georgia. I love people from Georgia. He is great. 19. Oldest Child. I wish he had a Georgia drawl. But that would be too perfect. Anywho. 
Then we went to our areas. I am in the city of Paju 督爽 in an area called Geomchon 榎談. The city of Geumchon is half in North Korea and half in South Korea. I am about 7 miles from North Korea and I get even closer in other areas. Hahaha. The city is pretty drab and the work is slow. But it is testing my faith and making it grow stronger. I know the Lord is preparing these people to receive His gospel. We just have to find them and work hard, so that the Lord may put them in our path. We have one investigator, really. But he really just wants to meet with us to learn English. We teach him English for 30 minutes and then a gospel message for 30 minutes. He is interested in it. But I don't think he really has real intent yet. But we are working hard!
I'm currently in the boundaries of the Seoul mission. Not the Seoul South mission. So, I'll probably be in that mission when the mission splits. But anything could happen.

Sooooooooooo. Korea.
Old men run this place. Ha. They drive down the street in their motorized wheel chairs even when cars are behind them. Age comes before beauty in this place. Young women get up out of their seats to let middle-aged dudes sit down. 
Old ladies stare at me and call me beautiful as they walk by. It is great. Hahaha. It's cause I'm white. And maybe a little beautiful. せせせせせ
The other day the in park, a horde of children came and kept asking us how to say things in English. One of them climbed on our bench and was biting my nametag. What the heck!? Korean children are the cutest things in the world. They called me Uncle Bear because I'm hairy and I guess because they think I'm middle-aged.
Oh, all the old people here like for you to guess their age. I just say 21. Then they laugh. I guess that might be an insult because they love their age so much. Hahaha. 
Schwasticas are everywhere. I'm sure I spelled that wrong. Except, they are red and I think backwards. It is a 災嘘 thing. Bhuddist thing. 
Guess how you say you have a wedgie in Korean.... You say your pants are being eaten! 郊走 股嬢推! Its great. I'm excited to learn fun things like that. Hahaha. To say you forgot something, you can also say you ate the thought.
We went to a concert as a district. It was Bach's Orchestra Suite #3 and Mass in B Minor. It was beautiful. Mostly just the singing, though. One of the trumpeters apparently got sick, sooooo they got a replacement the day of.. Fail. That trumpeter was playing terribly wrong notes the whole time. So I really enjoyed it when the trumpets weren't playing. Hahaha. For the mass, there was a counter tenor! His voice was sooooooo lovely. For those of you that don't know what that is... It is a man that sings in his falsetto in low women's range. He had some solos. It was gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
But I love you all! Pray for me! and Write me letters! I need the help and encouragement. It is really hard out here! 
Elder Renfroe 
兄覗稽 舌稽

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