Monday, May 6, 2013


Ahhhhh! I'm so excited to see Pauline! I'll be hosting that day and looking for her! I'm so glad nanny and papaw got to be at her setting apart! Elder and Sister Renfroe! Setting the world on fire! Tell nanny and Papaw I love them!
This week was crazy! RICHARD G SCOTT CAME AND SPOKE TO US ON TUESDAY! AHHH! It was crazy! I saw him in person! He spoke about the importance of prayer. It was so beautiful. He is such a charitable man. He pronounced an apostolic blessing upon all those that are learning a language that they may master it as their prayers are to be an instrument in the Lord's hand! It was so wonderful. Some of the sisters in my district saw him driving away and said he rolled down the window and just screamed, "We love you!" The "we" was him and God!
What stood out the most to me is the reality of Heavenly Father's love for us! He wants to hear from us. He wants to bless us. He is anxious to do so. There is no reason to fear anything. Ever! The Lord is always there. It was so beautiful!
THEN! This last Sunday, the President of the MTC came to our sacrament meeting with a member of the 70, Elder Evans, who is in the missionary committee for the church and either is or was over the Asia north area (Korea and Japan). He also spoke to us and gave a lot of hope. It was wonderful! We have been richly fed. He spoke a lot about having faith in the Lord to master this language. Apparently we all need more hope with learning Korean. It is so stinking hard! Seriously... But the Lord can make it happen for us. We were richly fed this week. 
I'm glad nanny saved the day for Pauline's Farewell! Haha. Oh how I wish I could cook right now. I'd make enchilada's and guacamole!!!
I taught a 40 minutes lesson in Korean to Koreans this last Saturday at TRC (the thing where we teach members). We taught a Mother and her daughter in high school, as well as another high school student. All from Korea! I said the opening prayer. I can pray like a boss in Korean. Hahahaha. The mother looked at me after and mouthed the word "wow." Hahaha. Then we got to know them some more (in Korean). Then we talked about our Savior Jesus Christ! The spirit was so strong! I loved it! We challenged them to read Mosiah 14 in the Book of Mormon so that they may come to know their Savior more fully. I can say a lot in Korean in lessons. Right now, listening is really hard, but I can basically say some general things that I want to say. Hahah. Especially in lessons.
I leave in less that two weeks!!!!! Can't wait! So exciting! My Korean will get so much better when I get there.
I love you all! Keep me in your prayers! You are in mine! <333 Keep writing me!
I'm still praying for pictures of friends and family and childhood and everything! :) Maybe a UT hoodie too? :P
I love you all!!
Elder Renfroe  

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