Monday, May 6, 2013

Last MTC Email!!!!

Oh goodness! I leave Monday!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!
I land in South Korea 5:50 PM Korea time on Tuesday! I'm going into the Future! Then I'll meet my trainer and baptize the whole nation. ^^    <----- That is how Koreans do smileys. So get used to it! ^^
So the Elders from Pauline's district live in my residence hall and even on the same floor. This crazy guy with the deep voice... I don't believe him. It's really creepy. Hahaha. Pauline would want to marry him. She would always be protected. No one would cross him. He read a scripture one time at a departing MTC thing... And I did not understand at all. Hahahaha. Anyways..
I went to the temple this morning and had my last delicious American breakfast. Ah! It isn't my last American breakfast, but it is the last delicious one because the temple has delicious food, but the MTC does not.
Did you know that Koreans have a very distinctive smell? Apparently the entire nation of Korea smells the same way. Ha. It isn't a bad smell. It just smells like Korea.
I feel like my emails have gotten worse and worse here at the MTC. It's because everything is the same and blends together. I promise they will be more interesting in the field.
Appparently it doesn't cost that much to mail a letter to America from Korea. Like a dollar or less.
So, this last Sunday, I sang for a devotional. It wan't the big one that everyone goes to, but a departure devotional for all of the leaving missionaries. It was great. My pianist was a Sister going to Brazil. She qualified for the BOSTON MARATHON! That's a pretty big deal, yo. But she decided to go a mission instead. Her call date was just a few weeks before the race, so she didn't run it. Then when she found out that it was bombed, she said she was so grateful to the Lord for not making her go through that, but send her on a mission instead. It's crazy. But the Lord knows us. She was willing to give up all of those years of Training without a second thought, really. I know she sure is glad she did now.
I had to get a shot yesterday. And it was really funny. The girl in front of me was Japanese and didn't speak a lick of English. The nurse said something about how this was going to hurt her and to look away. She flipped out. Hahaha. She kept fidgeting as well. It was funny. But she got through it. She made lots of funny Japanese noises of distress. Haha. I hope they gave her lollipop. She deserved it more than the rest of us.
I'm going to go to the bookstore and make all of my final Korea purchases. It shouldn't cost too much. But who knows, I might buy the whole store. It's the only way I can feel happiness. JUST KIDDING!
KOREA! AHHH! I'm not going to understand anything. But I can talk about Jesus! What else matters?
I've been reading a really awesome talk called "The fourth Missionary." The gist of the talk is he explains 4 different missionaries and then tells you to be the Fourth. It is a really wonderful talk! Everyone should read it! And someone should send it to Pauline. Basically... Charity is the key to everything. We can do all of the good works in the whole world, but if we don't have charity, it profiteth us nothing. This is found all throughout the scriptures. We should desire only to do that which our Heavenly Father wishes us to do. But, the guy says it better than me. So go read it! I'm going to reread it. Haha.
Mother, I promise I will take a picture today. PINKY promise! I will email it to you later today! Then you can be at peace in the world. I got a haircut and everything, So I look like Hugh Jackman. Ha. Kidding! But I will do it.
I love all of you so much! Keep me in your prayers.
Elder Renfroe

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