Monday, April 8, 2013


I miss you all so much! I'm doing well. This place is crazy. This place is a whole new way of living. Kinda. Haha.

So, I study Korean basically all day and also study the gospel. My branch president is from Korea and will be the mission president of the Daejeon mission in July. So he's going back to Korea! His wife is really cute and speaks English with a reallllllly thick Korean accent. She spoke to us on Sunday and the first thing she said was, "Engarisha so haaaaahhhd!." It was pretty funny. But she is a good speaker. 

There are 10 missionaries in my district. 4 are elders and 6 are sisters. More sisters than elders! It is crazy. Hahaha. I'm typing really fast, so I apologize for typos. I can feel my English worsening as I study Korean all day. Hahaha. I was made district leader. It is pretty fun. I like all of the elders and sisters in my district. My companion is Elder Lund. He is from north Ogden, Utah, Blonde hair, blue eyes, and 19. 

Korean is really hard. It is kicking my butt, but not as hard as all of the other missionaries in my district. I'm really glad I studied before and learned how to read. 

There are so many 18 year olds here! Ahh! Some are mature. Some are not. Woooo!

The food here is.... fine. Boring! Send me fun stuff. Haha. I would murder someone for a chic-fil-a sandwich right now. Ha. But not really because I am a junior apostle of the Lord and have standards regardless. It sounds so good. Really just any food that isn't processed in a cafeteria with only the minimal amount of spice and flavor. K, It isn't actually that bad. I'm fine. 

So, apparently, we are the first group of missionaries to be in the shortened 9 weeks Korean program ( it used to be 12). So, we are about to be the oldest missionaries in Korea, in terms of length we have been at the MTC, when this next group leaves in like 2 weeks. 

It is really fun to talk to all of the German missionaries! Today I had a tender mercy from the Lord, or I found out the Lord had set up one for me. I hadn't been able to see much of the German missionaries because our lunch times don't intersect much, but we have p-day and laundry time at the same time! So I have been spending my P-day doing laundry, speaking German, and writing people! It is really fun to practice my German. Now, when I say German missionaries, I mean Americans going to Germany. When they find out I speak German, they all try to practice with me. It is fun!

So, I have taught 3 lessons to a Korean "investigator." He has red hair. So, he obviously isn't actually from Incheon, Korea. Ha. It is realllllly hard. But, mostly we have him read stuff in korean pamphlets and scriptures. Then, I try really hard to say simple sentences which portray my thoughts. And my companion just says yes over and over in Korean. It is a really big exercise for the both of us. 

I'm really surprised about how tired I am not! I study all day! But I have yet to fall asleep while studying. Ha. Actually, I have been having trouble to sleep. It is crazy to me. All I did was sleep before. Not really. But I needed a lot. I get plenty of rest and feel good. I don't feel like there is too much time to study. I feel like there isn't enough! If I could, I would stay up all night and learn Korean. Then I would be fluent in a week. Just kidding... Korean is way tooooooo hard for that. It hurts my brain. 

The saddest thing about the MTC is the lack of Dr. Pepper. I haven't had any soda while I have been here. I've already lost 20 pounds. Just kidding! 

Send me letters! Letters are like the happiest thing here beside the constant companionship of the spirit. They are so fun! I would love to get some pictures of everybody! I need them! I have one of all of us siblings, but I need one of dad and mom and friends! 

Later today, I'm going to the temple with all of the Korean speaking elders and sisters! I'm excited. A bunch of elders and sisters got here from Korea yesterday. It will be fun to meet them.

They teach us a lot here about how all we do as missionaries is invite! People have been prepared by God. We don't prepare them. We just beckon them along. No message we have is more powerful than the experiences God has given them.

I don't have much time to write, but I love you! I'm doing well and working hard. Keep me in your prayers. I know they will help! I love you all!!

Elder Renfroe

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