Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter and Life

Though I missed all of you, I still had a fantastic Easter. The most spiritual one I ever had. We had a special sacrament meeting with a general authority. Guess who it was????
Bishop Gerald Causse! It was a tender mercy of the Lord to see him again. It brought some tears to my eyes and reminded me of why I am here!
But the best part was Sunday night! We had a speaker named Sheri Dew. She is an incredible woman. It really was an inspiring meeting and I learned a lot.
I was confused at first because she was all alone on the stand. I couldn't see a wedding ring. She got up and talked about how we are never alone. She went on to say that when she was in her 30's she was dating a guy and was about to marry him. But for "unimportant" reasons it didn't work out. She spiraled into depression and was rather bitter to the Lord about it. Until she was reading in the 4th chapter of Luke where Christ says that He came to earth to heal the broken hearted, preach deliverance to the captive, and liberty to the bruised. It really stood out to me. This is the very reason that Christ came to earth. He not only is capable of healing us, but it is the reason He lived and died. It was this knowledge that allowed her to be healed. Then she said "I'm still unmarried and I hate everything about it, but Christ has healed me." That was really powerful. Despite troubles which may not leave until the Resurrection we may still be whole through Christ. It was great! I was greatly fed and I needed it. I have been bruised and broken, but there is no reason for me not to be made whole through the atonement of Christ except my own agency preventing me from submitting to His will.
I greatly miss hot food. That tastes like food. Hahaha.
I have to tell you about a prank that went on in my district for April Fools. It was fantastic. And they did it for lots of days to lead up to April Fools. One of the girls in my district can do an amazingly convincing Scottish accent. AND this last week, on Wednesday, she got 4 new roommates. Sooooo, from Wednesday to yesterday, she convinced them all that she was from Scotland.  And they believed her! She said she was from Edinburgh  and one her roommates even studied there before her mission and believed her. It was funny because anytime one of the other roommates would ask her a question about Scotland,  the one who thought she knew everything would answer for her! So, she never had to blow her cover. She would say weird and fast Scottish things to all of them at night. And they would have no idea what she was saying. Then, Last night for April Fools, she told them she had a friend going to Korea on her mission named Amie Souix (her name) from Idaho who played a prank on her roommates for a few days. Then she said, "I'm from Idaho!" Haha. It was great. Maybe my life is just real boring here, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Haha...
I hate shaving. My face is going to fall off. Pray for the resilience of the first few layers of my facial skin. I need it!
I have seen a few people from Austin. One of them even has gym time the same time as me... His name is Andrew Hironymous... Hahaha. The people of Austin will find this funny.
I'm doing well. My Korean is good, but I still can't say anything.... Hahaha. I'm working on it!
Keep me in your prayers and send me love in the form of letters and treats (Nutella sounds good)! :P
Elder Renfroe

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