Monday, April 8, 2013


I saw a member of my ward from Austin this week. Multiple times too! Her name is Aldina/Sister Lung. It is great to see her and talk to a familiar face.

I have eaten more cantaloupe here than in my entire life. Seriously. Every meal. And I've never been more excited for ice cream in my entire life. Every Sunday and Wednesday we get ice cream from the BYU Creamery. There is one called graham canyon that is graham cracker flavored with chocolate covered graham cracker pieces. It is the best thing in the world. 

So, this week I did a lot of Asian bonding. Haha. We have 23 Koreans in our branch until Monday, then they go to their missions in Korea! They are great! They are super friendly. But I can definitely tell there is a cultural difference. They hug all the time. They are much more touchy. And if you aren't careful, they will cuddle with you. Two of them were holding hands in priesthood on Sunday! Ha. I guess that's what they do in Korea... This in only within the genders. Between the genders they are much more reserved. 

In sadder news, my Branch President, President Shin, was released this Sunday because he is going to be the new mission president of the Daejeon mission in July. He was so great. And Korean. Now no one in our presidency in Korean, even though 2 speak Korean with bad accents. Hahaha. 

Korean is coming along nicely. I still suck real bad. But I can at least think about stuff more in Korean throughout the day. Their language is completely backwards. Think of any sentence in English and the way to say it in Korean is totally backwards.

It's really hard to think about things to write because generally my life is pretty boring. Korean and the Gospel. Not boring, but all the same!

One of the Koreans said that he likes my hair. Then he just said "gentle" and gave a thumbs up. Also, one of them asked about my family. When I said i had a yadongsang, a little sister, he was like "oooooooooo! Picture?" So, Pauline, I found a Korean who will readily marry you. He's 23 and speaks really broken English. When I told him you were 19, he gave a thumbs up and said that a 4 year gap is the perfect gap in Korean culture, or something like that. Ha. 

The Korean sisters are great. And crazy. But great! Yesterday, my district said I reminded them of Jim Carrey. And literally five minutes later, the Koreans said the same thing independently... Ha. I don't know if that is good or bad. 

I'm learning so much about the gospel! It is so wonderful! I'm getting more and more excited to actually go to Korea! 

Singing brings joy to me here. I'm always singing the hymns! Who would have thought? Haha. 

All of the older elders are leaving this Monday! So, we are going to be all the big kids on the block. 

I play volleyball almost everyday in gym. Did I say that already? haha.

I love the gospel and I want everyone to love it! I know that it has brought happiness to me through keeping the commandments of God and having my sins forgiven through the real power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. We all need it! The church is true! And everyone can know it. 

I love you all! Keep sending my letters! I love all of them. It is wonderful to hear from anyone and everyone. Mail is a great thing here!

Elder Renfroe (Renpuhro Jongno)

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