Monday, April 28, 2014

HELO! (20 April 2014)

I don't remember how to spell Helo. Is that right? Ha.
Right now I am listening to a pioneer day concert from the church. This lady is the bomb. Katherine Jenkins.
I met the meanest man in the world this week. It really made me think. I get ignored everyday. But not like this. It was different. There was this foreigner on a bus. I talked to some other people on the bus, but when they all got off, it was just this man with his Korean wife and 2 half-Korean, half-white kids. He was speaking another language, but it was very loud, so I couldn't tell. When everyone else got off the bus, the seat next to him was free. So I sat in it. I remembered saying hi to him as he got on. But he didn't seem to hear. But then as I was sitting there. I said hi again. Still he didn't seem to hear. His 2 kids were playing with each other and I could hear the language they were speaking. It was German. So I looked at him and said, "Guten Tag!" Still acted like he didn't hear. I thought, hmmmm.... So I asked if he was from Germany in German. Nothing. Then I leaned in a little... "Which part of Germany are you from?" (in German). He freaked out and just told me to quit, with the rudest eyes I've seen in awhile.  And he just kept saying it. I don't know why exactly it was so mean to me. I think it was because it was simply being ignored as a person, and not necessarily as a missionary. It was simply me asking him where he was from, and he ignored me so completely that I genuinely believed he didn't hear me. I have had people tell me that I am wasting my time and that I am not needed and that I should just go home. But this just seemed different to me. Anyways. I've gotten over it, obviously. But it made me think a lot. Especially about the Savior and how He was treated much more badly. And He experienced much worse things for us. Rejection is an interesting feeling. Especially when you have pure motives and are simply acting out of goodness. But He with the purest motives was rejected more than us all.
But other than that, it was a really good week! Hahaha. Don't worry. We got 4 new investigators and had lots of fun. I get to see the Seoul South missionaries on Saturday! There is a Fireside with Sister Burton, and we all get to go! That will be exciting!
I have been playing the piano for Primary lately! It is the best! I love those little kids. There was one little boy yesterday with a birthday. AND HE WAS THE CUTEST! I'll have to take a picture with him later.
I love you all!!!!!!! Keep me in your prayers!
 렌프로 장로

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