Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello! (13 April 2014)

Hello, Me lovelies!
What a wonderful weekend it was here in Korea! We had General Conference! I know you all had it last week, but it is slower here in Korea. Oh how I was fed by the word of the Lord. It was great. I was reminded more deeply of the necessity and importance of strengthening my own relationship with my Father in Heaven through prayer and dedicated study. The truths of who we are as His children are sufficient to overcome any troubles or trials we are facing. That single truth, namely we are the children of Heavenly Father, if understood, would change the world and light the darkest place. So simple, yet so deep, and so often misunderstood.
Not much happened this week, in terms of other stuff, though. Ha. But it was fun. I feel happy today and look forward to more happy days to come as I lean on the Lord. We met some good people and hopefully we'll have some more people to meet with in the future!
I love you all! Time flew by today while emailing. I will do better next week on letting you know what is going on! Ha.
<3 Love,
렌프로 장로

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