Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Storm

Hello, Lovelies.
Last night I fell on my butt real hard. Real hard. I fell down stairs while shoveling some snow at a member's house. Right as we were about to leave, too! It hurt so bad! My poor booty! But I am ok now. Just don't touch my butt.
So yeah. Snow!!! So. Much. Snow. 4 Day snow storm so far. And it is supposed to continue until tomorrow. Probably like a meter of snow or so. I don't know how they measure snow! It all compacts!
This week was a good week. Despite all of the snow.... Hahaha. We have a Baptism scheduled this Sunday! Actually two. One is an investigator who is one of our member's son. We have been working with him a lot. He is a good kid. I hope it all goes through! Also, at the same service, the less-active man I found on the street and has been coming to church ever since, his son is getting baptized. He is eight years old and half-Korean/half-Japanese! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to send next week. My camera is broken, but I'll make other missionaries take some. Hahaha.
So, I realized something really clearly in the scriptures this last week. I have started reading the New Testament more. Which is great. We have really been focusing on the Book of Mormon in our mission lately, but the Bible gets me fired up too! Haha. I just mean that as I read the Bible, I am reminded so deeply of how our doctrine is not something new, but one found within the Bible. Other people may not see it because of a limited scope and a lack of illumination through the Holy Ghost.
But anyways... I was reading the Bible... So in the King James version of the Bible, there is a tricky thing about Old English that makes some of the meaning lost if you read it under the lens of modern English. I will. to will. If thou wilt. This does not mean to do in the future. It doesn't even mean to intend to do. But it means to want. I had thought about this before because the German word for to want is "willen" And I thought there might be a connection. But as I was reading in Korean, it was very clear. This is powerful because it shows the desire of the Savior as you read His words in some very special instances. I don't remember exactly where it was. Because it was in Korean. But I will paraphrase and you can probably find it easily.
But basically it is a story of someone who comes up to the Lord and says "If thou wilt, though can heal me." To which he responds with "I wilt." Now reread that with the word to want. It is a lot more powerful and a much greater testament of the Savior's love for us.
Things are going well! I love you all. Hopefully I have some good pictures to send next week!

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