Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Africa Strikes Back

This week was a good one!
First off, we had a baptism! Haha. Well it was actually sorta 2 baptisms. One of our investigators is a member's 19 year old son and he got baptized, as well as the less active who I found and reactivated... His son got baptized. He is 8 years old. So. I baptized the 8 year old. It was really good for the members. They haven't seen a baptism in a while.
Yay! And guess what happened the day of the baptism! Hahaha. Africa came back. Yes, by Africa, I mean crazy maroon English lady. This obviously proves you shouldn't go to A&M. Just saying. Haha. Except this time, she was sporting a new color of make up. She had white lips and white eye brows drawn on! She looked so creepy. Haha. But the best part. One of our members confronted her to try to figure our exactly how crazy she is and stuff. It was great. Also! Another member apparently went to school with her. SO we know a little of her back story now. She used to be really smart and a prosecutor but then went crazy and follows American missionaries around because we said we would help her get a driver's license.
But here is the best part. The member that confronted her told her to leave... Hahah. Africa. The crazy lady told her that she put the make up on for me. That is is polite. And that our member was being rude for not wearing makeup like her. Hahaha. That she doesn't understand us Elders. Yeah... Oh and that she looks ugly without the makeup. She must have planned the whole day to see us! Ha. Yay!
Other than that, this week was pretty quiet. It kept snowing! Even after the storm was supposed to end. So, yeah. Not a lot happened. But it was good. Just getting ready for the next week. Haha.
This week. I have thought about a lot. Just like always! Haha. We always have to keep going. The main problem in this life is simply finding motivation. Motivation is the root of everything. It defines us and shapes us. If we really had our eyes open to see things as they are, the darkest time and the happiest times would turn us to God in humility.
I'll do better next week! That is my motto. Where we have been plays no role in where our heart is now.
I love you all! Keep me in your prayers!
렌프로 장로

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