Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Life this week was pretty good. We had interviews with our mission president and a member of the Seventy came to speak to all of the branches out where I am. He is Korean, of course. Haha. It was actually really good. I learned a lot. I think it was the most I have ever learned from the spirit in Korean. Haha.
Our investigator that was supposed to get baptized this week moved back home suddenly.... And he may not come back. I was really sad at first. But then I learned who his missionaries would be at home and all of those feelings disappeared. It is a missionary I really love and he goes home in 3 weeks. If he gets to see a baptism right before he goes home, what a tender mercy of the Lord, or how it is translated in Korean - a kind mercy of the lord. I learned some lessons on love when all this happened. I am willing to do so much more for those that I love, and even sacrifice my own blessings. How much more is the Lord willing to bless and help those whom He loves more than I have ever loved. My love is definitely puny compared to His. The investigator might come back. He might not. But I trust the Lord, and don't mind what happens either way.
I am pretty tired today. Haha... So. I probably won't write much. Not that much exciting stuff happened this week anyway. Sorry!
This week I have been thinking about a lot of things! Like always!
Gratitude. When it boils down to it, we all have enough reasons to be filled with gratitude in every waking moment, no matter the circumstance. We all have had spiritual experiences, and blessings, and struggles and trials. But despite the trials and difficulties we face in this life, the blessings are enough. With eternal perspective, we can't help but be grateful.
I love you all! Keep me in your prayers! I need them. I am about halfway through! Ahhh! I can feel the tiredness coming on. Haha
렌프로 장로

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