Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 14

I am sorry everyone for writing late today. We went to a cave earlier and it took a while, and we had to do email later. It is Asia's largest cave. So, we had to go, right? Anyways. It was great. I am pretty sure Carlsbad is better, but oh well. I went to Asia's largest cave. I took lots of pictures and I will email them eventually, but at the moment I don't have a cord! I need to buy one!
Yeah.... This week was crazy. Seriously. Don't worry. I will tell you why.
Just so you know... Korean grandmothers will go into other restaurants and try to sell food. Namely corn. This grandma was in KFC the other day trying to sell corn. Lady, I don't think you can try to sell corn at a restaurant. Especially one that sells corn. And yes. Korea has KFC. All over the place. Except I think the "K" doesn't stand for Kentucky, but Korea. I don't know.
I have seen a lot of dogs with dyed hair lately. That is a thing in Korea. You dye your dog's ears and tail bright colors. I saw a dog with blue ears the other day. I also have seen pink. Do people do this in America now? Is this a craze around the world that has sprouted in my absence? Or, is it just a Korean thing?
Also, couples here in Korea match. All the time. Did you know that? It is how they mark their territory. Haha. Same shirts, shoes, and even shorts sometimes. And hats too! It is how you say, "We are dating!" in Korea.
I had to use a squatty toilet. Yeah. The type of toilet that is just a porcelain hole thing in the floor. It didn't go well. My self-esteem was lower afterwards. But I think I will recover. I am not going to describe in detail the encounter, but yeah... It was fun. That will have to be a story I tell in person. Ha!
I saw a little Korean girl take her pants off, squat down, and simply pee on the sidewalk. She stared at me while she did it. Then she put her pants back on and went into the ATM where her mom was. When you gotta go, you gotta go, right? I'm sorry these last 2 stories have been about expelling waste. I'll repent.
We found this crazy lady who wants to come to our English class. I think her favorite color is maroon. Her hair was maroon. Her lipstick was maroon. And her fake nails were maroon. Anyways, we told her to come at three on Saturday and that we would love to teach her English through our weekly English class. We had an appointment that Saturday with a member that needed some help at noon. Shortly after we began, she showed up. She came three hours early. And just sat there. Wandered around the tiny church. And she put new maroon nails on. She asked if she could hug us, and when we said no, she jumped on each of us randomly and gave us hugs. She's crazy. Yay! Haha. We are going to have to start locking the church. Or she'll probably just show up randomly. Ha.
I have saved the best for last. Don't worry. We saw this old man in a park. I was on exchanges in a mountainous mining town called Taebaek. It is beautiful, by the way! But, this old man. He came and shook our hands. He seemed very friendly. <-----That sentence is a omen! Look how literary I am. Ha. Anyways. I sure am drawing this out, aren't I? K. So... This man. He asked which of us was older. Or hyung in Korean. I said I was because I was. Then he asked if I knew taekwondo. But I didn't really quite understand him at first and said yes. Ha. I don't know taekwondo. He like grabbed me and tried to pull me to the ground, but I resisted a little. Then, he got all mad and hit my Book of Mormon to the ground. So we ran away. Haha. His friend was like, go away! Ha. Anyways. It actually kind of bummed me out. Because I was feeling particularly useless that day as a missionary. But afterwards, we had some good conversations with people. And this fat Korean little girl ran at me and my companion, making the weirdest squid noises and face. It cheered me up. It was hilarious. Ha. I'll have to imitate when I get home. Ha!
But anyways, this week was hard but fun. And I don't have much time. I found this lady in the bus station. Her younger sister used to go to our church, but stopped after she got married. She said she has a lot of interest and would come to our church but it is far. She also has a son our age. I gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read the introduction. It is only a start, but I think she has a lot of potential. We will see how it goes! Ha. We see her all the time because she works at the bus station running a convenient store.
Everyday I learn. Everyday I get better. I miss you and I love you. Keep me in your prayers. You are in mine! And keep sending me love!
I love you all so much! Bye!
Elder Renfroe
렌프로 장로

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