Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hello, World (4 May 2014)

I am still in Korea.
Today is Children's Day. That means no one does anything! Because parents can't go to work and leave their kids at home. I think it is just an excuse. haha. It is really another Parent's Day. Tomorrow is Bhudda's Birthday! We don't celebrate that in the good old USA, do we? Haha.
I will start with a funny story. We went to the Korean war museum this last week. And it was really interesting. I'll have to go again. Hahaha. But there were all these little kids there. Their teachers were all telling them to practice their English on us. Haha. So they told them to tell us how old they were. This one little girl holds up 6 fingers and just screams... "Sex! Sex!" I forget Koreans have a hard time with that pronunciation. Haha.
How was this week? I thought you would never ask! Haha. It was good. Hahaha. We just talked to lots of people, and have some pretty good things set up for this coming week. Yay appointments. Some of them probably won't show up. We'll get punked, or as they say in Korea, THE WIND WILL HIT US! Ha. But some will. So that is great. And they will all come closer to Christ and be baptized and serve missions and have eternal families! Hahaha.
I am working on Optimism. Haha. It is a very close relative of hope. I feel like I need more of it. A little cleaning out of the brain. Sometimes I am quite positive, but sometimes.... I am just not. One of my companions was really good at this. But he also didn't have thoughts and felt like a puppy. Ha. But I think there is a fine balance between reality and optimism. It is rooted in the fact that everything will be ok, and we just have to keep going. No matter what is going on. Sometimes it is our own fault, sometimes others. But it is ok. It is a beautiful day. Ha.
Korea is a wonderful, everyone come visit me next year in March. Hahahaha.
Till later! 
Elder Renfroe
렌프로 장로

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