Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving! (30 November 2014)

That is how you say hello in a New Zealand accent. Hahaha. I have learned so many language skills here in Korea. 
This week, I ate more American food than Korean. My bowels had a hard time. Tree frogs. We ate together at an American family's house and it was wonderful. My first Thanksgiving in 2 years. I had Korean food last year, remember? haha. But It was great. I also had lasagna this week for the first time in 2 years. And they gave us the leftovers. It was amazing! Hahaha. 
This week was really hard. Basically, we have to start our area over. We have had to stop meeting with most of the people we were meeting with because they weren't going anywhere, or dropped us. We had a lot going on, but I think it will be good to start with a cleaner slate. It was hard on my heart. But has to be done. 
I am starting a new study. Faith is the first principle of the gospel. Yet it is so misunderstood. The most important thing is Faith in Jesus Christ. He is the reason for our hope. And basically everything. It is faith in Him that changes life and outlook on life. But it isn't just faith in a name. The reason faith in Him is important is because of His character. It is because of who He is. Many people understand this basically, but the changing process of faith is just that - a process. The more we understand of the character of Jesus Christ, the more we are changed. So I will be studying that more. It is understanding that principle that causes faith to change our life. That is the essence of faith.
Anyways. I love you! Keep me in your prayers. 
Renfroe Elder. :P

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